Our View: About to sail & dragging anchor

February 16, 2007 11:00 pm

About to sail: Kudos to those who've worked to extend the mass transit link along the Northcoast. By July, Crescent City and Smith River could be linked to both Arcata and Curry County by bus; Smith River also would boast a route to Interstate 5 in Grants Pass. As our population ages and the reality of global warming from fossil fuel emissions sets in, we will have to invest more dollars in public transportation. Grant proposals to fund the links are now in the hands of the Oregon Department of Transportation.

Dragging anchor: Despite nearly 900 miles of ocean shoreline and thousands of miles of rivers and lakes, California doesn't require boat operators to have taken basic safety classes. Yet every year about 44 people needlessly die in 700 boating accidents across the state. Most involve teen and young adult boat operators. Other states that do require boating safety classes have seen a per capita reduction in boating fatalities. We join the Coast Guard Auxiliary in encouraging boaters, especially those born after 1985, to take a safety course. Call 1-877-875-6296 to find a nearby class.

About to sail: The County Board of Supervisors lowered the proposed new alcohol deposit for renting the Veterans Memorial Hall. County staff had recommending raising the deposit from $250 to $1,000. The problem is that some people renting the hall don't pick up after themselves well enough; some hike appears to be necessary to encourage better behavior or at least cover the cleaning. But $1,000 is a lot of money for just about everyone in the county, and especially young couples who often rent the hall for their wedding reception. The suggested price now stands at $750, slightly more reasonable considering the Cultural Center asks for a $575 deposit.

Dragging anchor: Once again we received quite a number of nominations for our "Please Speak English" award, given to bureaucrats and government officials who mangle the language through jargon, undecipherable acronyms and made-up words. Many were repeats from previous submissions. But our two favorites have to be "disincentive" (as in "The law would be a disincentive to committing the inappropriate behavior") and "septage" (as in "An important environmental concern is septage"). How about "The law would discourage the inappropriate behavior" and "An important environmental concern is what's left for removal from a septic tank after the liquid crud leaks into the soil"?


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