Beaulieu Hearing Center is family team

December 31, 2006 11:00 pm

The family at Beaulieu Hearing Center has been helping South Coast families with their hearing health for over 25 years.

Since their beginning, their mission has been to help people with their hearing needs and to provide the best possible customer service in the industry. With a team including co-founder Patricia Beaulieu, sons Nick and Andy as well as daughter-in-law Susann, and niece Michelle studying for her certification, folks at Beaulieu Hearing Center truly mean it when they say they provide a family atmosphere.

As the preferred hearing care provider in the area, the Beaulieus have always promised to keep the public informed of the newest hearing aid technology as it develops. With this promise in mind, the Beaulieu family is excited to share with you nFusion technology the breakthrough technology from Starkey Laboratories. In an industry first, Starkey's new hearing system leverages the power of nanoscience — science at the molecular level — to pack more features than ever into the Destiny hearing aid.

Destiny is the only line of hearing aids in the world to offer three specific features that address users' most common complaints, including Active Feedback Intercept, which gets rid of that annoying whistling sound often associated with wearing hearing aids; a Directional Speech Detector, which lets users hear exactly what they want to hear; and Acoustic Signature, which automatically adjusts for, and switches to different listening environments. With these features, Destiny offers hearing aid wearers the most natural and powerful hearing available today.

With this new technology, the Beaulieus are excited to help families with their hearing better than ever before. They remind you that early detection is the best prevention of profound hearing loss, and recommend annual hearing tests for everyone. Hearing screenings are always at no charge.

Come and see just how helpful and friendly the folks at Beaulieu Hearing Center are.

They have been there to help thousands of people hear better for over 25 years and will continue to carry the tradition of family helping families hear better.

Submitted by Beaulieu Hearing Center