December 31, 2006 11:00 pm


It doesn't take driving to a big city to see quality, live entertainment.

Crescent City and Brookings both boast live community theater productions year-round.

"Everybody loves theater," said Joan Buhler, a board member with Crescent City's Lighthouse Repertory Theater.

She said all it takes to put a production on is a few people full of enthusiasm, who will then hopefully entice others to join.

"We've got a bit of ego, (but) you have to have a bit to be onstage," she said.

Chetco Pelican Players board member Susan Brickley said you can find a smaller, more intimate theater in Brookings.

"It only sits 83 people, so you're close to the performers," she said.

Brickley said the theater group tries to ensure the audience knows "we enjoy what we're doing."