Our View: 'About to Sail & Dragging Anchor' edits

November 17, 2006 11:00 pm

Every week a number of people do something that deserves kudos or criticism, but what occurred just wouldn't make for a lengthy, 400-word editorial. Still, we'd like to give praise and a disapproving shake of the head when merited.

To that end, this week we begin a new Saturday editorial feature: "About to Sail & Dragging Anchor." The editorial will consist of several short pieces, with "About to Sail" acknowledging someone or a group that did something positive, and the "Dragging Anchor" showing our displeasure with a decision or action.

The terms come from the realm of nautical flags that ships used to signal one another before the days of radio communication. "About to Sail" was a good sign, and indicated by a white square surrounded by a blue frame. "Dragging Anchor" told of a problem, of course, and was shown with a series of diagonal red stripes atop a yellow square.

Here's our opening salvo in the series.

About to Sail: The courage and keen eye of Wendy Montanez on Thursday ensured a man wanted for kidnapping in New Mexico was caught after escaping his guard. While driving home to feed her six-month-old child, she noticed a shoeless man in muddy clothes bolt from a shrub. When Montanez called police and they wanted to know what street the escapee had been sighted, she drove back to the scene then called police.

Dragging anchor: Give the "I just have to look good, I don't have to be clear" award of the week to Jeanne Martirez, who decided to portray Del Norte and Crescent City officials as bumbling fools in their handling of Wednesday's tsunami. As a Fox 11 News television anchorwoman more than 800 miles away in Los Angeles who never was on the scene the day of the tsunami, Martirez obviously is an expert on what occurred here. Martirez's remarks, made only hours after the tsunami struck, only show that loud mouths work at the local as well as the national level for Fox News.

About to Sail: Congratulations to the Del Norte High School volleyball team. Though the season ended Wednesday with a playoff loss, team members have nothing to hang their heads about. Made up solely of juniors and sophomores, the team cruised to a Big 5 championship and went undefeated in conference play. We're confident that they'll soar to even greater heights of success next year.