Our view: About to set sail & dragging anchor for Feb. 24

February 23, 2007 11:00 pm

About to sail: A poem entitled "California Driver's License" by author Jeanne Joe Perrone won the English Literary Society Poetry Competition at University College in Cork, Ireland recently.Jeanne, from Gasquet, is a graduate of Del Norte High School. In April, Al Young, poet laureateof the state of California will be visiting Del Norte County. Perhaps Jeanne's achievement and Mr. Young's upcoming visit will inspire otherlocal poets to enter contests, participate in readings and share their works.

Dragging anchor: The second drowning in the Smith River this year reminds us that wearing a PFD (personal floatation device) while in a boat or fishing or hiking near the river could save your life. 56-year-old Tulelake resident Robert Woodman drowned in the river last Thursday. Chester Bolen, a river guide, drowned while fishing in his boat last month. Neither man was wearing a PFD.

About to sail: Kudos to Kim Schmidt, Kevin Hartwick and Chris Howard - three community leaders concerned about theeconomic future ofDel Norte County -for being instrumental in obtaining the grant money to bring David Beurle here this week. Beurle is an expert in helping small communities like ours determine their own future. Not only didSchmidt, Hartwick and Howardfind the funding to bring in Mr. Beurle at no risk to Del Norte County,they had thewisdom to step back and lethis interaction with stakeholders in the community take its own course.Now it's up to all of us todiscover the keys to Del Norte County's economic future.

Dragging anchor: It's the end of an era and we're sad to see it go: Red's Showcase Twin Cinemas on 4th and GStreetswill close their doors after the last show on Wednesday. Red's, an institution in Crescent City since 1987, no doubthas struggled to compete with larger, more modern theaters with state of the art, high tech sound systems and cushy seats.How manyfamily outings, first dates, romantic hand holding afternoonsand buckets of popcorn were shared at Red's? It's not easy to closeanother chapter of Del Norte's past.But all is not lost.Red's Drive-In will still be openingthis spring.