Letters to the Editor December 12, 2008

By The Daily Triplicate readers December 11, 2008 11:00 pm

County needs leaders who will think, dialogue, investigate

Huge change is under way. Some of it is good. I hope the editorial staff will listen to my grandmother, who often told me not to wear my heart on my wrist.

Don’t worry about Jack Reese or his opinions (“Reese critical of local news coverage in The Triplicate,” Dec. 9). Our community has suffered from hyper-sensitive editors who were unwilling to think out loud. Editors have also missed the boat on inviting our leaders to voice their thoughts in the paper regularly. Jack Reese is a guy who is either “all over the map” or “capable of seeing all points of view,” depending on one’s own view.

Del Norte County needs leaders who will think, dialogue and investigate, before they make final legal decisions. We citizens will be helped by leaders like Donna Westfall who are willing to ask questions and try answers without fear. Donna and Jack are both damn near fearless. In 13 years of reading The Daily Triplicate, I have never seen a regular comment by any local leader. They always count the cost of such public thinking and decide it is too expensive to bother with.

Both articles and letters in The Daily Triplicate have indirectly raised questions about what it means to be male or female, patriotic or an environmentalist. One-sided opinions have been put forth on growth, airport expansion, and business with complete disregard for the other opinions.

Does The Daily Triplicate realize gender is a matter of degree? Can a past soldier think our current wars are dumb without being anti-American? Is it possible that chasing an outdated business model that is failing most everywhere it is implemented is a bad idea? Is it wise to naively foster the political plans of one group, while disregarding the impact of those plans on another group?

I hope our editors will realize wearing one’s heart on one’s wrist is bad for the newspaper business and bad for people who read newspapers.

James R Barrett
Crescent City

Some local businesses are driving customers away

After reading the Saturday article (“Local Gas Prices Fall — Slowly,” Dec. 6) I must admit it made me see red with the admitted price fixing and the lame excuses for the higher fuel prices we experience, higher than anywhere else it seems.

It certainly speaks poorly of the attitude of the station owners and distributor. But, on a larger scale it points out one of many reasons not to support many of our local businesses.

I remember the late Bill Stamps, yes, “Sweet Old Bill,” and how he used to preach to us to shop locally so our money would stay in our community, passing from hand to hand and benefiting us all. Well, it doesn't seem to work that way anymore. Now it seems many of our businesses, big and small, have an attitude of charging higher prices and giving less in return.

You can drive in any direction and find cheaper fuel. In any direction groceries are cheaper, produce is of better quality and cheaper, and selection is better. You like to eat out? There is more selection in any direction and best of all, eating establishments are open; no mysterious closings when the tourists are gone or the fishing is good.
Often out-of-town businesses are cleaner and better maintained. And, seldom do you have to wait for service while an employee discusses local news with a friend.

In short, many of our local business owners and managers do not cater to the customer. Instead they seem to think we should thank them for their higher prices and lesser service. They must be blind not to see the flocks of our citizens driving north, south and east to do their shopping. Can they not see the dollars going elsewhere that could be spent here?

Of course, some of our local businesses are outstanding. Good service, reasonable prices, well maintained establishments, and a friendly environment. And they seem to do well, as they are always busy. Unfortunately, they are in the minority.

Our business community should take a good hard look at how they do business here in Crescent City. Perhaps they should ask themselves if they are driving business away as are the station owners and the distributor!

Donald Helsel
Crescent City

Thanks to all who helped son involved in DUI-related crash

My 21-year-old son, Zachary Stone, was a passenger in a serious one-car rollover on Washington Boulevard near Pebble Beach Drive on the evening of Nov. 8.

The 22-year-old driver was allegedly intoxicated and driving too fast on a wet curve. Anyone that saw the wreckage thought that the occupants were dead as the car was upside down, the roof was flattened and the engine was on the other side of the road. The Fire Department had to extract them and they were rushed to Sutter Coast Hospital, where the driver had broken ribs. My son had to be airlifted to the trauma center in Redding with a broken neck and a closed head injury. He spent three weeks there and is now at home recuperating.

I want to thank all Crescent City emergency response personnel involved in this incident. Everything happened so quickly, but I did get four names to commend: Officer Grey of the California Highway Patrol and EMTs Christopher Hunt, Dennis Boydstun and John Crawford.

Thank you, Sutter Coast Hospital emergency department, the fire department and Cal-Ore Life Flight.

The driver of the car is now in jail awaiting sentencing and I only hope that he’s learned cause-and-effect after this. I am an alcoholic who quit drinking when I turned 50 (I am now 52) and am actively involved in promoting alternatives to substance abuse.

Thank you all!

Rita Daley
Crescent City

Bush shouldn’t be allowed to pardon himself or his cronies

During the eight years in which George Bush has resided in the White House, violations of national and international law have become the rule of the day and abuses of presidential power have exceeded that of any president in modern history.

Should Bush be allowed to pardon himself and his cronies at the last minute before leaving office, in order to make himself and his gang immune from due process of law, it will clearly set a dangerous precedent for any who follow in his footsteps. It will be only a matter of time before the abuses and violations become dangerous beyond what anyone may dare to imagine, and this must not be allowed to ever happen again.

Robert Humphrey
Brookings, Ore.

Thanks for community’s help during long hospital stay

My family and I would like to thank our family, friends, church, the football players, and the Del Norte community for all their powerful prayers and support during my recent bout with oral cancer again. We are so proud of the caring place and people that we are blessed enough to call home. Thanks to all, I made it through a 14-hour surgery and two more surgeries in the following weeks. I was at Stanford Hospital for a month in ICU. It is wonderful to be back home in God’s country.

We want to thank all who organized and helped with the Del Norte High Football Tailgate BBQ fundraiser on Oct. 10. We also want to thank all who organized the prayer service for me that was held at St. Paul’s Episcopal Church.

The donations raised helped us tremendously while we were at Stanford. Thank you to all who have helped us in so many ways.

A special thank you to my fellow coaches and players for keeping me abreast of the games, the calls from my players along with the CDs of the games — it meant a lot.

Thank you to all who sent cards. I enjoyed reading them. Again, thank you all for your prayers and support and help. Prayers are very powerful.

And now a little note that I hope will help others. My oral cancer was from chewing tobacco and smoking. I have now lost 4 inches of my left jaw. I quit chewing over 20 years ago and I only chewed for a couple of years. Please don’t take the chance. If you chew or smoke, please think about quitting, and if you don’t chew or smoke, do not ever start.

Steve Luis
Crescent City

Exhibits showcase artifacts recognizing Coast Guard, vets

It has been a pleasure to work with the Crescent City Post Office and The Daily Triplicate to develop exhibits recognizing the Coast Guard and honoring all veterans. The displays have allowed us to show respect to those who served and to showcase a small part of the artifacts which will fill the St. George Reef Lighthouse Maritime Museum, currently under development at the harbor.

Special thanks for the success of the exhibits go to Michele Thomas and staff of The Triplicate, including the front desk workers who were very supportive of the effort; Tracy and crew at the post office; Rick Hiser, Michelle Radison, Alice Towers, Del Norte Office Supply and the Wright’s Frame Shop, and the Del Norte County Historical Society.

Many inquiries were made at the post office about the display featuring veterans commemorative stamps issued since WW I and how to obtain them. All of the stamps in the exhibit were ordered from Mystic Stamp Company, 9700 Mill St., Camden, NY 13316, mysticstamp.com, 800-433-7811.

Guy Towers
Crescent City