Letters to the Editor December 13, 2008

By Submitted December 13, 2008 03:54 pm

 Triplicate should focus
more on local news, events

In regards to Lathe Gill’s letter  (“Triplicate provides news of local events, politics, sports,” Dec. 11) critical of Jack Reese being critical of local news coverage (is this getting too critical?), it was stated that he/she didn’t know about everyone else but he/she relied on The Triplicate for news about local events and politics, and even sports.
Well of course we all have to rely on The Triplicate for our news, it’s the only show in town!
So why shouldn’t Jack Reese be critical of of the news when he has his finger on the pulse of local happenings and doesn’t see the news being reported in the paper?
Case in point just yesterday (Dec. 10), the Del Norte Solid Waste Management Authority (DNSWMA) held a meeting and there wasn’t even a reporter there to cover the local news.
One of the many newsworthy stories was the appointment of a public member to fill a vacant seat held by Randy Hatfield, who along with Irene Tynes were honored with plaques for their years of service to the DNSWMA and the community.
The two candidates were Clark Moore and Jack Reese.
While both men were more than fit for the job, there could be only one choice and the nod went to Jack with much discussion about possibly finding a place for Clark as an alternate to keep him on board to make use of his years of knowledge and service to the DNSWMA and the community.
So when we open today’s paper and find that what little public news we do have is not being covered by the paper I think that it is our responsibility to bring this to light.
It is said that the squeaky wheel doesn’t always get the grease, sometimes it gets changed!
Personally when I open my paper I feel like much of the news is taken right from the pages of my web browser from the previous day or two.
The majority of the news in our local paper is AP and not local at all. The sports page is the only consistent local coverage we have and would it hurt to throw in a score sheet?
In my opinion we could do without all of these “how to reach public officials” lists in the opinion section, and maybe fill it with more letters from the editor as promised, and I don’t just mean using it as your bully pulpit either. While I find your guest columns entertaining I would like to see more letters to the editor being printed and in a timely manner. And our community calendar should reflect everything that is going on in this town, after all isn't the local local information the reason why we all buy this paper? Happy holidays everyone!
 Jesse Salisbury
Crescent City

Give council time to fix things before recalling it

I found the editorial of Dec. 6 very interesting (“New reminder for city to put the house in order”). It is my hope that Richard Wiens and his reporters keep a close eye on City Hall. I would like to see an article on how our new finance director is putting our city funds in order.
Then there was the Dec. 6 letter from Warren Rosengren (“Something didn’t smell right about council — recall them?”). Warren, I hope you would rethink your call for recalling our council. I’m aware that you are not the only person talking about recall. Please give our new mayor Kelly Schellong time to fix our City Hall. I would give her until July 2009. If our new City Council cannot fix things, then recall all of them.
The letter by Jim Wishbauer, “There are plenty more places in town that need cleaning up,” Dec. 6) upset me. Maybe Mr. Wishbauer should call the CalTrans office in Eureka and demand that they mow and weed their flower beds. As for the triangle on the spit, maybe Mr. Wishbauer should sign himself up to clean it up. I did it for years with little thanks. Maybe we should talk to our elected officials and ask them why they are allowing this to happen.
As for the issue of homelessness, maybe you should call the Fish and Game office in Eureka (707-445-6493) and tell the warden we need to clear the homeless out of Elk Creek. Mr. Wishbauer, panhandling is not against the law. Loitering is. But I haven’t seen the city police and the managers of Ray’s or Safeway or the owners of these properties doing any enforcing of the loitering law.
Sending them down to Arcata does not solve the problem. Maybe our local group, Daily Bread Ministries, should be talking to non-profits in Arcata who are famous for teaching their homeless not to trash the forest, unlike what is happening at Elk Creek and our urban forest. Giving out tents and sleeping bags are compounding the problems.
                             Richard Miles
Crescent City