Letters to the Editor January 6, 2009

By The Daily Triplicate readers January 06, 2009 08:19 am

Wal-Mart, S.R. Rancheria help non-profit preschool

I would like to thank Smith River Rancheria and Wal-Mart for the recent donations to my daughter’s school.

My daughter attends a small preschool in our community and it was in need of some Big Wheels and numerous other toys and art supplies for the children. I asked for donations from Smith River Rancheria and Wal-Mart and they were so generous and quick to respond to this need.

Discoveryland Preschool is a non-profit preschool and the donations that were made are greatly appreciated by the staff, children and parents.

Thank you so much for being a very important part of our community and caring about the future of our children.

Amanda Baptista
Crescent City

Memorial at jetty might make effective warning

A memorial should be placed at the entrance of the Crescent City jetty for every person who has died there.

There are many hazardous beaches along the California coast that have these to warn locals and tourists of the dangers associated with that specific beach (they are much more effective than warning signs).

A memorial will show respect to those who have died (and their families) and will serve as a constant reminder about how very real the danger is; evidence has more significance than mere warning.

Word will get out and beach-goers will show more respect for the jetty.

Jimmy Jespersen
Crescent City

‘Crescent City North’ a real name, but not right on map

While reading The Triplicate’s article (“Incompetence or fraud?” Dec. 27) on a new, poorly put together and possibly fraudulent map created by Hometown Productions & Premier Map Company, I noticed a small error in the article.

The article states that the appellation “Crescent City North” is “an entirely made up” one. This is incorrect, as Crescent City North does indeed exist (although not necessarily where the faulty map says it does).

Crescent City North is a United States Census Designated Place with coordinates at 41°45?46?N 124°12?31?W / 41.76278, -124.20861 (41.762700, -124.208602). The source can be found here: www.census.gov/

Also, on a related note, it appears Google Maps has also misspelled Lake Tolowa as “Lake Talawa.”

Shrujal Joseph
Crescent City