Letters to the editor January 24, 2009

By The Daily Triplicate readers January 24, 2009 01:13 pm

Fairgrounds shelter was huge success

December and January were bitterly cold months, so at the request of Our Daily Bread Ministries, our county was persuaded to open up one of the fairgrounds buildings.

More than 60 of our homeless flocked to the shelter and made it their home for nearly two months.

Mike, Rachael, Ray, Eleanor, Tom, Steve, and scores of other ministers and volunteers provided for the physical and spiritual needs of all who came to the shelter. Our community opened its heart and wallet, and food and provisions poured into the shelter. The project was a huge success as lives were changed and many left the shelter with a new resolve and purpose to escape a life of addiction and dependence.

The county was pressured to close the shelter before month’s end because of a few incidents where law enforcement was summoned.

The Triplicate carried a front-page report on Thursday, Jan. 22, which degraded the efforts and achievements  of Our Daily Bread Ministries, and consummate Richard Miles slammed the efforts of the ministry in Friday’s opinion page, suggesting Rural Human Services could do a better job of running a shelter.

Of course, opinions concerning this will differ. I would say that in these days of financial deficit, we are going to have to rely on more volunteers rather than government-funded programs to meet our local needs. In the meantime, Our Daily Bread Ministries still operates out of its building, offering its services to the homeless.

                   Warren Webb

Crescent City