Letters to the Editor March 27, 2009

By The Daily Triplicate readers March 27, 2009 07:22 am
Coach has many fond memories of bringing teams to Jaycees tourney

Imagine my surprise when I came to your beautiful town on Friday, March 6 and saw my slogan, “The Road to Crescent City,” as the featured headline on Page 1 of The Triplicate.

As the longtime principal and basketball coach at Mountain Vista Middle School in Kelseyville, I have been taking my eighth-grade boys team to your town since the early 1980s. Over that time, hundreds of Kelseyville kids have taken part in the Crescent City experience.

Nowadays, when former students in their 20s through 40s come back to visit their old middle school in Kelseyville, they invariably mention the great memories they had going to the Crescent City Jaycees tournament as an eighth-grader.  Oftentimes, those kids were on teams that didn’t take home a championship banner, yet their fond memories prevail.

Next year will be my 30th year of coaching junior high basketball, and while I have turned down some half-dozen opportunities to coach at Kelseyville High School, I have to say that one of the main reasons I still hang in there coaching 13-year-olds is because of the Crescent City experience.

The Jaycees and their leadership group of Arman Gunnerson, Tom Silvey, John Phillips, Mike Mastaloudis, and the tireless others who help run the tournament need to be highly commended for all that they do for our youth. Sure, it is a far different generation of kids than the ones I ran into when I first started teaching in the late 1970s, but in many ways things remain the same.

The Jaycees have provided my basketball players with a goal to make it to the junior high version of March Madness, they have allowed them to live through their own version of hoop dreams, they have provided a guide for how people compete with grace, style, and sportsmanship, and they have provided a great many memories to the kids of Kelseyville as well as many other communities.

The Del Norte County community is very lucky to have these fine people actively doing all the wonderful things they do. Some 270 miles away in Kelseyville, we have a great appreciation for them too.

John Berry
Mountain Vista Middle School

Your police officers are only as good as the ‘respondent superior’

In regards to the letter submitted by Linda Beck (“Police should help homeless, not crack down on them,” March 17), Ms. Beck stated she felt the police officers should be fired and new ones rehired.

Quite frankly your police officers are only as good as the “respondeat superior.” Bottom line: get rid of the people on top like the chief of police and the sheriff and the district attorney and replace them with people who will uphold the laws and constitution of the state of California as well as the United States.

And in order to make those changes, the concerned citizens need to get out and vote. Until the people take a stand, nothing will change.

Linda Sutter
Crescent City