Coastal Voices: Gay-history bill an affront

By Dale L. Bohling July 21, 2011 05:33 pm

I suppose that by now many parents of California-schooled children have awakened with a shock to the fact that their children are no longer theirs to raise in a manner congruent with their deeply held religious moral values.

With a deft stroke of the executive pen Gov. Jerry Brown has approved the ever-deepening chasm of degradation of the California school curriculum by requiring the textbooks to be altered to reflect the historical “contributions” of homosexuals to America’s once-preeminent status among world governments.

Perhaps I understate the sweep of this glorious re-evaluation of history. It may even include all people of all times, of that I’m uncertain. I am fairly assured of one thing, however, this pox has not been brought upon the esteemed field of “science” collectively known as the theory of evolution yet. To my knowledge, the push to review the theory of evolution has not advanced an agenda of the homosexualization of homo-erectus although I see fertile ground for development of that inanity.

The acceptance of homosexuality appears to have won the round as there is no longer any public discourse on the subject in the mainstream media. Then again, why would there be with the George Soros-backed media juggernaut crushing any and all opposition?

Additionally, federal judges have come to the fore and, along with courts in some instances, punished dissent with the legal apparatus which has, in some cases, had access to Soros money. It’s a given, then, that mainstream media plays a decisive role in the determination of what is and is not acceptable in America today.

Predictably, there will be some knee-jerk reactions by incensed parents directed toward school boards when parents become aware of their child’s homework assignment consisting of a book report on  that preeminent public figure Harvey Milk and his grand contribution to California society.

But adverse reaction directed against school boards is totally misdirected in the instant case. The objection should have begun long ago with the introduction of this legislation to the Senate floor. The protestations should have poured into the offices of elected representatives and lastly to the governor’s office, where you will be greeted by a friendly automated service that directs you to vote for or against pending legislation.

Of course, the media, by burying the subject on the fifth page of your local paper in a one-paragraph blurb (if at all),  lends little to the democratic process. And, yes, the sports page with all its splash of color and hoopla presents a one-sided competition for many a reader’s attention.

While it is obvious that parents (who presumably outnumber proponents of this egregious new law) were asleep at the switch and the media played its well-earned role in the politics of deviant sex, one other culprit sits  silently in the shadows of complicity.

Of recent history public labor  unions have been embroiled in some rather raucous debates. Whether one is pro or con on the issue, it must be admitted that  the powerful  National Education Association was very silent on this issue (SB48). If it opposed it, which is highly unlikely, it was in “soft mode.”

If it was merely silent on the pending legislation, that is tantamount to favoring it  by allowing it to proceed unchallenged by the very ones that will be compelled to subvert young minds, the teachers. One wonders how this homosexual indoctrination of children sits with those instructors who still hold to traditional values. Will they proceed against their own core values  or seek careers elsewhere?

If, however, most teachers are in accord with teaching homosexuality as a normal sexual practice then a new era of civilization is dawning for America. As a parent I would see it as incumbent upon me to remove my children  from the public school system and see to their instruction in an alternative system.

I not only welcome all criticism against this writing but I challenge it. The time for fence-sitting is over. I do, however present one caveat — that being that the critic be willing to enter into a plain-speaking debate in which the central theme of what constitutes homosexual practices of the male homosexual be presented to the paper for public purview — if the editor, who espouses open debate, will print it.

Dale L. Bohling is a Crescent City resident.

Editor’s note: The article, “Law requires the teaching of gay history,” appeared on the front page of the July 15 Triplicate.