Letters to the Editor Sept. 13, 2011

By Del Norte Triplicate Readers September 13, 2011 05:30 pm

Thank you Sheriff Wilson for taking a stand for liberty

So, the chairwoman of the county Democratic Party believes Sheriff Dean Wilson’s  involvement in the Tea Party is “offensive” (“Tea Party Sheriff,” Oct. 3). Most members of her party believe the Tea Party is “offensive” because it’s a threat to those who think their purpose is to intrude in every aspect of our lives. 

The Tea Party believes that unalienable rights come from our Creator.  Her party finds this “offensive” as well. They assume our rights come from the EPA and a gazillion other regulatory agencies that keep American prosperity stuck on its meat-hook.           

Debra Broner states her purpose is to “bring information to the voters … not shove (ideas) down people’s throats.”  Are you kidding me?  I can think of a host of freedom-robbing, tax-increasing, social engineering agendas that her party is shoving down our throats with ill-regard for our personal liberty.       

There’s the recent law demanding our schools include the contributions of gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people in social studies. Why is her party so obsessed with skin-color  and sexual orientation? Their obsession is “shoved down our throats.”   

Consider the teaching of Darwinian evolution. Again, shoved down our throats without allowing any objections by the scientists not beholden to “faux science.”   

Consider manmade global warming. Most of us know this has nothing to do with “protecting the planet” but is about concentrating power in the hands of a few environmental extremists who want to see America turned into a Banana Republic of bicycle riders.        

Obama-care is another boondoggle shoved down our throats. Oh, and the trillion-dollar “stimulus package” that never stimulated anything except more borrowing and  indebtedness to China.   

Broner states the Tea Party is “not opposed to spending public money, but they’re opposed to spending public money on things they don’t support.” The truth is, the Tea Party supports the spending of public money where the Constitution grants such power but opposes the spend-thrift ways of Washington that has created this Debt Vampire that is sucking the life out of America’s hope for a prosperous future. 

I really do think Dean could think of better ways to spend his leisure time than  involvement in the Tea Party, but those concerned about the downward spiral our country is taking just can’t sit on the sidelines. Thank you, Dean, for taking a stand for liberty and for real solutions to a nation in crisis.

Clark Wade

Fort Dick 


9/11 memorial at fairgrounds was a great tribute to our fallen heros

I along with my mother and sister Sue had the privilege of attending the 9/11 memorial at the fairgrounds. Yes it was early on a foggy Sunday morning.

Seeing all the emergency personnel there to great us made me realize just us how much work it takes to keep us safe. What a tribute to our fallen heroes. I can’t put into words what that meant to us. All I can say is thank you, thank you to all first responders.

I am proud to be an American and a Del Norter. 

Barbara Bergquist

Crescent City


Local 9/11 memorial service was very well done and moving

I just returned from Sunday’s 9/11 memorial service that was held at the fairgrounds. For all involved, you did an awesome job!

It was very well done and moving. It seemed rather a bonding time as I looked out over all the different law enforcement, fire fighters, paramedics — all our emergency responders.

I want to say “thank you personally and also how much I appreciated the time and effort it took to put the memorial service together.

The prayer penned by John Adams and the quotes from Abraham Lincoln were very timely, in that what was spoken so long ago by great men in our history still has very real meaning and relevance for us as Americans today.

Tedi Espitia

Crescent City


Agrees with Sheriff Wilson that he is being overcompensated

I am in complete agreement with Sheriff Dean Wilson (“Tea Party Sheriff,” Oct. 3), he is being overcompensated with his “insane” and “overgenerous” benefits, and should offer to give them back immediately out of simple decency, and as an example of responsible citizenship.

Sharon Goodman

Crescent City


Kudos to those at high school who keep grounds in great shape

We want to give kudos to the “campus keepers” at Del Norte High School for the excellent shape, and yes, the beauty, of the school grounds. We dare say that none of the schools in Humboldt-Del Norte League would look as good.

We also give kudos to the teams and their coaches and the cheerleaders and their coaches and the general attitude of all.  Keep up the work and it will instill Warrior pride in all who attend.  Go Warriors!

Chat and Carolyn Hilger

Crescent City


Pleased with the improvements made to town in the past year

I lived in Crescent City for 15 years. I moved away from the beautiful area almost a year ago, returning briefly for a visit last week.

I must say I was literally shocked at the clean-up and improvements to the city and harbor. Way to go Crescent City! Trash was nonexistent in the downtown area, vacant lots had been mowed and cleaned up, and many more “fixes” were evident.

Crescent City has become a very beautiful, clean spot to live and vacation! Other communities could take a lesson in what is possible in a year’s time! Way to go!

 Sue Thaler

Vale, Ore.


City should do something with the forest and wetlands it owns

Currently, the City of Crescent City owns a community forest and wetlands of 16.79 acres. But for years the City Council has done little or nothing to support this urban forest. Should this change?

With funding from groups like the Wildlife Conservation Board, the city could create a natural area for its citizens and visitors. Maybe the city could create activities that would appeal to visitors and they would stay a little longer in Crescent City.

This would create jobs and sales tax for the city.

Richard Miles

Crescent City


Too much buzzing by the little bees about the good old days

And the little bees they buzz and buzz about the good old days that never were. Milk from the family cow with a fly or two and corral dust too, unpasteurized, of course.

Polio, encephalitis, scarlet fever and the mumps. No vaccines for childhood ills. Bring on the laudanum and mustard plaster. That was the cure for Grandpa’s gout.

Rancid meat and botulism. Tuberculosis rampant. Social justice meted out by union-busting goons who now pose as governors. No need for the Pinkertons or Bull Connor and his goon hounds.

The little bees have become wasps.

Richard Olive

Crescent City