From the Publisher's Desk: Message from the publisher, 32 years later

By Michele Grgas Thomas The Triplicate October 04, 2011 04:02 pm

The original “message” was written by James Yarbrough in 1979. Del Norte Triplicate file
The original “message” was written by James Yarbrough in 1979. Del Norte Triplicate file
For all of us who work in the downtown office on Third and H and at our press and distribution facility in Smith River, today is very special. We hope that you feel the same as we embark together on this next chapter in the history of news coverage in Del Norte County.

We have planned and prepared for the launch of this new Del Norte Triplicate for weeks. We’re excited about unveiling this hyper-local community newspaper under our new flag — the redesign of our lighthouse logo that incorporates our new name — that isn’t really new at all.

On April 18, 1979, the Del Norte Triplicate celebrated its “100th Anniversary of Newspapering.” In that commemorative issue, Triplicate publisher and vice-president of Hadley Newspapers, Inc., James J. Yarbrough wrote, “The newspaper to me is the mirror of the community. It shows the good, the bad, the indifferent, sometimes perfectly; sometimes imperfectly. In that mirror, we see our shortcomings and we are given the opportunity to improve.”

Yarbrough continues by sharing the newspaper’s philosophy of working toward “the fulfillment of the needs of the people — whether it be for better schools, a swimming pool, a cultural center, or a new harbor.”

Thirty-two years later our crew —all new members — has stayed the course. Reporters, photographers, page designers, pre-press and press operators, distribution and accounting staff, columnists and contributors — about 50 local folks in all — each play a role in crafting today’s mirror on our community. Today we enjoy a fabulous community pool — in fact, a recently renovated one. And the Cultural Center is in constant use. But the need remains to focus on improving education, infrastructure and our beloved harbor.

Gordon Hadley, the president of Hadley Newspapers, Inc. wrote in the same edition, “All of us have come through some trying times such as floods and tidal waves. But from these disasters came a good strong community and a better newspaper.

Together we have all come a long way. We are definitely proud of being able to publish two editions of the Del Norte Triplicate each week – and we hope in the not too distant future to publish a third edition each week. “

Things are different now, and yet so much remains the same. It would be ten more year before Western Communications purchased the Del Norte Triplicate and new publisher Geoff White was given the task of building a printing plant in Smith River (the Triplicate had been printed in Arcata, where Hadley also owned the Union newspaper), developing an efficient and dependable subscriber delivery system, and, finally, taking the newspaper from two days (Wednesday and Saturday) to five days a week.

With that change in 1990, the Del Norte Triplicate became The Daily Triplicate.

Are we going backwards, then? Definitely not. This publisher, editor and staff are committed to providing the kind of in-depth coverage that will be a mirror of our community. We want every page of our new Del Norte Triplicate to reflect what is going on in your county and be relevant to our readers.

We are taking all of our resources – talent, time and money – and investing in our community with all our energy and passion.

In the words of Mr. Hadley, “We want this newspaper to be your newspaper – where you can express yourself. Constructive criticism is always welcome. “Reach Michele Thomas, The Daily Triplicate’s publisher, at mthomas@ trip­, 464-2141, or stop by 9 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. weekdays.