Del Norte Students: Homecoming: How it all comes together

By Emma Card October 11, 2011 01:41 pm

Emma Card
Emma Card
Del Norte Students is a new column that will appear periodically. Today’s column was written by Emma Card of Del Norte High School.

The beginning of another school year for us Del Norte High students inevitably comes around at the peak of our summer fun.

The sound of that tedious alarm clock early in the morning brings with it the stresses of grades, sports and school in general. Any teenager can be overwhelmed by these responsibilities.

To provide peace of mind through the long year we all have winter, spring, and summer break marked down on the calendar. But commonly, we forget to account for the anticipation of the largest community and student effort, homecoming week.

The homecoming excitement begins the weekend before homecoming while we are sitting around on Sunday desperately trying to construct outfits for spirit week.

By Sunday night you have your broken glasses, suspenders, and your high water pants laid out on your unmade bed for an amusing nerd day. All week students strut their school spirit in form of clothing. From neon day to the proud blue and gold day, you’ll never see more creativity.

At last the big day finally arrives on the Friday of spirit week. As soon as you walk in to the school the sight of class hallways leaves you with nothing less than a mesmerizing experience. Each hall is engulfed in every decoration imaginable, demonstrating the dedication and originality of Warrior students.

Kids now fully understand that homecoming is no joke; they wander through the halls with a bit of pep in their step in apprehension of the events to come.

The day carries on, pretending to be normal, even though everyone is lathered up in blue and gold face paint. The entire student body seems to have a relaxed, humorous manner. This is the case for most, with the exception of the few who possess the proud uniform, a focused look, and headphones in their ears — members of the Del Norte Warrior football team.

The correlation of the day’s activities continues with sound of the early final bell signaling students to pile into the gym for the annual spirit rally. The hour contains a plethora of gimmicks designed to entertain the students, who are now ready and pumped for the following event, the homecoming parade.

In the gravel parking lot, floats organized by class await the audacious Warriors. The parade takes its course around the town receiving attention and praise from local businesses from and from children (I refer to them as “Warriors in the making”) on the sidewall awaiting their candy. 

The finale begins as soon as the kicker’s toe comes in contact with our game ball, and we are ready for the homecoming football game. The stands are filled end to end with fans. In addition to the game action, there are half-time performances by cheer, drill, band members, the announcement of princesses, the lighting of the Flaming W and finally the fireworks are all floating in the air.

Our mentality is that the football game’s result won’t really set in until Saturday morning when we are wiping away face paint from our pillows, so let’s make this a night to remember.

Emma Card is a Del Norte High junior, a Leadership Class student and a varsity volleyball and basketball player.