Letters to the Editor Oct. 11, 2011

By Del Norte Triplicate Readers October 11, 2011 02:23 pm

Attack on conservative ideology repeats tired arguments of past

In his Coastal Voices critique (“Panning conservative ideology,” Oct.6,) of my prior reply to Lois Munson’s letter, Bruce Kerwood waxes pale with any original thought in his “panning” of conservatism. It’s true he dressed up some of the time-worn expressions of liberalism in different clothing but sadly they are clothes from a thrift shop. Liberal thought has few funds left for a bright fresh wardrobe.

He expresses expectations of “a cogent argument from ultra-conservatives” in the thesis of my writing in “Can it get more grim?” Sept. 29,, but is quickly disillusioned as I “descended” into that most despised condition of political perdition: conservative expression. What I wrote to entice his progressive appetite remains a mystery. He does not develop that point. He merely kicks over the liberal garbage can and floorboards his anti-traditionalist rhetoric.

He ends his screed by stating that, like Mr. Bohling, he finds little solace in the state of the economy (which was the thesis of my article, as expressly implied by the title). His article would have delivered the readers a respite from the monotonous and dreary drumbeat of time-worn political posturing. He could have developed the point of our mutual concern for the state of our country and stressed what we can do to to return America to kinder, gentler times.

Yes, I concede a point put forth by Mr. Kerwood. I do highly value the era of the 1950s in America and I make no apologies for it. Little did we know what lay in store for her just around the corner. But I am not under any illusion that we can possibly return to America’s golden age.

With virulent epithets directed at American citizens in the Tea Party by elected representatives in the black caucus and union hierarchy as a point in case, the backdrop of ’50s politics seems innocent and naïve.

How can anyone can find comfort in the radicalized spasms of a political party that has abandoned the charm and assurance of a Kennedy-esque era? Couple that with the recent spate of raids on the Treasury by the minions of the Obama/Bernanke robber barons and you have a scenario of pending disaster.

I agree with your assertion, Mr. Kerwood, you and I find little solace in these times for reasons far different.

Dale L. Bohling

Crescent City


Triplicate should stand by its 400-word correspondence limit


With all due respect to Bruce Kerwood, (“Panning conservative ideology,” Coastal Voices, Oct.6), I think the Triplicate should stand by its claim of not reflecting the opinions of letter-writers by limiting everyone’s correspondence to 400 words as stated in your guidelines.

Keep it pithy!

Kim Charette

 Crescent City


After new wall, next step to guard harbor would be a surge gate


Ignoring where all the harbor restoration funds have gone and where the balance will go, this same local disaster will happen over and over.

Prevention must be a major requirement of any additional state, federal or local funding and a specific goal for new federal grants. The shape of the bay directs tidal flow and tsunami flows clockwise around the bay, funneling surges, debris and mud directly into the boat harbor.

Assuming the new concrete wall holds back the surge, the next step would be a surge gate pivoting from the south end of the newly rebuilt west boat basin jetty to deflect the surge back into the bay.

Also, a gate would minimize mud flow into the entrance and boat basin. Until this action is given serious consideration, expect many more boat basin “disasters” to draw negative and costly attention to Crescent City.

Bob Douglas

Smith River


Can’t we trust Alexander to weigh each case individually?

Regarding the decision not to file charges in the Paul Dillard case, the question is, do we want a district attorney who relentlessly wields his prosecution powers without any considerations, or do we want a DA who weighs each case individually?

Can’t we trust Mr. Alexander’s decision? I’m sure he is intelligent enough to realize he would inspire voter disapproval; still he chose to go with his gut feelings (conscience) concerning Mr. Dillard.

And consider the outcome of a portion of this case. Wouldn’t we much rather have more criminals who willingly face their consequences? And what if you were in Mr. Dillard’s shoes? Would you yet be angry?

It’s kind of like being a good parent, knowing when to come down heavy and knowing when to have mercy. And personally, I’m glad God himself doesn’t choose to prosecute to the full extent of the law.

Gail Harrison

Crescent City


Perry as arrogant as Bush; Dems gutless not to challenge Obama


Texas Gov. Rick Perry said he didn’t have that much in common with George W. Bush, but then he goes out of his way to do his very best George W. Bush imitation.

Perry proceeds to call Social Security a ponzi scheme and he even had the gall to defend his policy of giving tuition to illegal immigrants as the governor of Texas. He displays the same arrogance and cockiness of a George W. Bush, but with nothing to back it up. Talk about all hat and no cattle!

Speaking of overhyped politicians, how come the Democrats are too gutless to run somebody against Obama in the primaries? Everybody knows that Obama is a total, miserable failure and that he has absolutely no business running for re-election in 2012.

May I suggest a possible challenger? How about we draft Ralph Nader to run against Obama in the Democrat primaries? Ralph Nader is only the greatest american who ever lived and Obama has turned out to be a total fraud.

Obama says he taught Constitutional Law in college, he even says he is an expert on the Constitution. Oh really? Obama must have played hooky and skipped his own classes.

What gives him the right to kill an American citizen with a drone bomb, with no due process? What gives him the right to invade Libya,without the approval of Congress?

The Constitution does not say one thing about having the Arab League or the United Nations declare war against a foreign country. There is no mention of NATO having the right to declare war against a foreign country in the Constitution. That is for our Congress to decide.

I hope I am not going too fast for all the partisan Democrats and  Republicans who just love to bomb foreign countries, just because we can.

The Democrats should nominate Ralph Nader for president and the Republicans should nominate Ron Paul. Maybe then we could have a civil, intelligent debate on political matters in this country. If the Democrats and the Republicans are not willing to do this, then they should just go away.

Joe Thomas

Brookings, Ore.


Let’s remember Brown’s neglect when he runs for re-election


Let’s all remember on the next election day for governor that Jerry Brown “vetoed a bill that would have released the Crescent City Harbor from financial burdens for March tsunami repairs” (as reported in the Oct. 6 edition of the Del Norte Triplicate under the title of “Brown vetoes bill to aid harbor.”)

And let’s remember that “Brown has not come to Crescent City to observe the damages” (quote from the same article).

Theresa Zwan

Crescent City