Editor's Note: Just what day is it?

By Richard Wiens, The Triplicate October 17, 2011 06:15 pm

The voyage of discovery continues here at Third and H as we complete the second week of our transition to a three-times-per-week publication schedule.

We’re all still getting used to it. Yes­terday morning my wife Laura, also known as the newspaper’s Neighbors editor, went out to our Triplicate box attempting to procure a nonexistent Friday edition.

On Wednesday last week, the first non-publishing day of the new schedule, Circulation Director John Mihalyo came to work expecting dozens of calls from readers wondering where their Triplicate was. What he didn’t anticipate was being accosted upon arrival by one of our reporters complaining about finding no paper in the box at home.

“Are you serious?” he asked.

One more time for the record: it’s Tuesday-Thursday-Saturday now, folks.

While we’re still a bit discombobulated by the change, one all-important result is becoming clear: Overall, the Del Norte Triplicate is a better local news product than the old Daily Triplicate.

It’s not just that each of the three editions is heftier. Reorganizing five days’ content into three will obviously produce that result.

It’s more than that. The new publication schedule better suits our staff resources. Instead of scrambling to nail down a finished product every weekday, complete with national and international news pages, we can focus on our primary task: local coverage.

We’re not all about Del Norte, but close. You’ll still find reports from the outside world courtesy of our wire services, but the priority there will be on state and regional stories that directly affect us. News about the fiscal crisis in Sacramento comes to mind, considering how many Del Norters are state employees.

We’ve rounded up reinforcements and new features to embellish our local coverage. Two more columnists are introduced today on the Healthy Living page.

That’s in the B section by the way, which is where you’ll sometimes find content that used to be in the A section.

Because of the press configuration of our plant in Smith River, producing a larger B section allows us to print more of our pages in color.

Today’s edition also contains the second installment of a feature that I consider the icing on the cake of local news coverage. Each Saturday, the Reporters’ Notebook will serve up snippets that didn’t make their way into articles, but are still deserving of notice. Some of them even serve as amusing reminders that life is stranger than fiction.

I think the Del Norte Triplicate is off to a good start, and I assure you it will keep getting better.