From the Publisher's Desk: Every dog deserves a chance

By Michele Grgas Thomas The Triplicate November 15, 2011 04:20 pm

I’ve got a new friend. We just met a couple of weeks ago. He’s older and not really what you’d call handsome until you get to know him. He’s got very kind eyes and a big heart. His name is Rocket.  

I had no business going to the South Coast Humane Society that Saturday afternoon. It was 10 years almost to the day that I adopted my good dog Martha from the same organization. They didn’t have their building on Railroad Avenue then and Martha was in a foster home. Her age and history were unknown. She was found limping along Sporthaven Beach. She had a dislocated hip and some issues that indicated she’d had a rough life up until the moment we met.

The folks at the Humane Society knew everything about Rocket including his birthday. He was lying down in the first cage as I walked in. “He’s stopped getting up when people come to look,” the volunteer escorting me around said.

Rocket, she told me, is 9 years old. He was a product of a broken home – his owners split up and he was dropped off at the pound. That was 28 months ago.

Rocket demonstrated such exemplary behavior behind bars that the shelter kept him over two years hoping someone would eventually want him. But his age and his food allergies discouraged any potential parents.

Until I came home and told Rick about him.

The Humane Society does a good job of marketing adoptable pets by posting descriptions, photos and even videos of them on their web site. As I was leaving, the volunteer encouraged me to take a look at Rocket’s video.

This past year Rick and I lost both Martha and our foundling Smitty and we’d agreed to take our time before thinking about another dog. So it was difficult for me to confess to Rick that I’d been to the shelter and that there was a dog I just couldn’t stop thinking about. I told Rick about Rocket, then fired up the computer and searched for the video. When I hit play, music started and a brindle-colored mixed breed dog ran across the screen chasing a red ball.

There’s a song that Rick and I both love, “Over the Rainbow/What a Wonderful World” by Israel Kamakawiwo’ole, the late Hawa­iian mus­­ic­ian­-singer-songwriter. It’s a special song for us and Rick has spent countless hours strumming his ukulele and singing Iz’s song.

What music do you think was the sound track of Rocket’s video? Yep.

The shelter was closed until noon Tuesday and we spent the weekend musing about why we’d want to take in a 9-year-old dog with food allergies. But come Tuesday we were at the shelter offering Rocket a ride in the car and a walk at the port.

An hour later I filled out the forms and Rick took a blank check out of his wallet, a sign to me that he had decided to rescue Rocket before we left Crescent City that morning.

The three of us strolled out into the sunlight together. Rick held the lead and Rocket followed along like a pup.

I guess that’s how we learn to practice what we preach.

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