Letters to the Editor Dec. 01, 2011

By Del Norte Triplicate Readers December 01, 2011 03:35 pm

Newspaper thieves impact more than Triplicate staff

It’s a sad day when people stoop so low as to steal a newspaper.

Yes, it’s my business because it affects all of us in the cost of the paper. Every paper stolen affects the employee on pay day. A complete restructuring of the business had to be done to cut the costs of providing a paper.

I don’t like the 75-cent price any more than you do, but what to do so we can have a paper? The thieves don’t steal from the paper only, but from all of us in price increases if we are to have the news.

Who knows the employees who are trying to make a living working to provide the news for us? They are as good as any of us.

Even if you have issues with the Triplicate or whatever reason that makes you want to steal from all who read the paper, it isn’t worth fouling up the lives of those who work there.

I hope you can feel good during the holidays and enjoy the gifts you receive on Christmas.

Just remember, if you keep on, someday someone will see you and turn you in to get what you honestly deserve from the judge.

Fred Cox

Crescent City


Del Norte produces leaders in the arts and sciences


I would like to thank the Del Norte Triplicate, Matthew Durkee and Bryant Anderson for the wonderful interview and Nov. 26 articles about my son Dennis (the “Mushroom Man”). His father and grandparents would be proud.

For several years, it has been said, “Oh, Crescent City is in the sticks up in Del Norte County.”

I would like to say, whether it has been in science, the medical field, law, music, education, sports or other professions, there have been several successful men, women and young adults born and raised in Del Norte.

Congratulations to the Triplicate for the new format and look of the paper. I’m so glad to see the return of “Marmaduke.”

Alice Desjardin

Crescent City


Why are we looking to the gov’t to battle obesity?


Regarding Bill Hall’s Nov. 17 letter to the editor, “What are the local leaders going to do about childhood obesity?” my question is, why should they do anything about it?

While I see the problem in the subject for I myself am overweight, why are we asking the government to solve all of our problems? More importantly, why are we asking them to take care of us when they clearly can’t take care of themselves? I’m pretty sure (though I could be wrong) that it  isn’t the government’s fault that I am the way I am. I have decided to take a stand against my weight problem and take better care of myself and get more exercise.

So it seems to me that we should be looking to the parents of these kids to instill better choices for the food and exercise decisions they make. For instance, stop shopping in the middle of grocery stores and keep to the outside aisles.

While I do agree with Bill on all the suggestions he gives to combat the problem, the government isn’t going to take care of a place for me and my kids to play any more than it should provide a quick fix pill to combat diabetes.

There are plenty of places here to get out and get exercise. Just do it and stop making excuses! I’m pretty sure the same parents that are struggling to feed their kids from the middle section of the grocery store are likely not going to be able to afford to take their kids to a “mega-park.”

Amanda Marx

 Crescent City


Had a wonderful time at the ‘Cause for the Paws’ concert


I wanted to drop a quick note and mention what a wonderful time I had at the “Cause for the Paws” concert on Saturday night! If you didn’t see the concert, you missed a great night.

In particular, I enjoyed the evening’s emcee, singer Stephanie La Torre. As emcee, she was quick and clever and kept the show moving along. As a singer, she has an impressive vocal range covering country, pop and even gospel. Her duet with Mary Ann Hague, “You Don’t Own Me,” was fun and their voices harmonized seamlessly.

I also enjoyed the nuns from LRT’s “Nuncrackers,” country singer Aaron Roberts was certainly a crowd favorite, and Tony La Torre as Elvis sounded wonderful. There were just so many top-notch local performers. I would not hesitate to go see them again.

But the best part was knowing the Curry County Animal Shelter was really the star of the evening. Even though I am a Del Norte resident, I am happy to support the efforts of a shelter in our neighboring county. As a no-kill animal shelter, it does so much to help those who can’t speak for themselves — the animals.

Even if you didn’t see the concert, I urge you to help support the shelter and our local shelter any way you can.

Janice Miller

Crescent City