CRDN Report: Several campus organizations hold recent events

By Steven Bevier December 14, 2011 01:01 pm

Editor’s note: CRDN Report will appear every four weeks.

Welcome to the second edition of the CRDN report which is a monthly column designed to keep you the reader aware of what is going on or what has gone on, at the Crescent City campus of College of The Redwoods.

For those that might have missed the first column let me briefly introduce myself: my name is Steven Bevier and I am one of two student senators that represent CRDN in the College of The Redwoods college district. I am also the president of the Literary Club and an active member of the A.S.B. Club.

So what has been going on lately at the campus?

On Dec. 1, the Eco Club (formerly the Natural Resources Club) hosted an on-campus viewing and discussion of the movie “Who Killed the Electric Car?” The movie was free to all members of the community and refreshments were provided for those that attended the showing. Daelon Davis, president of the Eco Club, said the turnout for the viewing was more than organizers had hoped for with about 40 people attending all or part of the movie.

The huge success of this first event put on by the Eco Club has the members of the club looking forward to the upcoming spring semester, when they can host more events. Some possible events being considered by the Eco Club is a showing of “Revenge of The Electric Car” which is the sequel to “Who Killed the Electric Car?” and a demonstration and exhibiting of do-it-yourself clean energy devices. These events will be open to the public and all are invited to attend. Stay tuned to this column for more info about the dates of these events as it becomes available.

On Dec. 2 the Community Enrichment Club (CEC) hosted an on campus viewing and discussion of the movie “Playing For Change.” Playing For Change is an organization that according to its website ( “is dedicated to creating positive social change through music education. We are driven by the belief that peace and change are possible through the universal language of music.”

Mellissa Williams, president of the CEC, reported a mild turnout for the showing of the movie. The CEC intends to host viewing and discussions of other movies in the future, as it has done in past semesters at the college. The CEC also has other projects in the works but none have been confirmed as of this date.

On Dec. 6 the Literary Club at CRDN held the second of its twice-a-semester used book sale. The Literary Club puts on the used book sale so that these books that might well have ended up in landfills or recycled can be put into the hands of people who want them. The proceeds go to support two scholarships that the Lit Club offers, as well as helping to offset the cost of producing “The Kerf,” which is a nationally distributed poetry magazine that is produced right here at CRDN.

On Dec. the CRDN Holiday Chorale put on a special performance at Crescent Elk Middle School.

On Dec. 9, CRDN and English professor Ruth Rhodes hosted a free dramatic reading of Jean Anouilh’s “Antigone,” which is based on a Sophocles play.

It is refreshing to see that even in these trying economic times, there is a way to go spend an enjoyable evening out with little or no cost.

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