Letters to the Editor Dec. 17, 2011

By Del Norte Triplicate Readers December 19, 2011 04:18 pm

Well wishes for us and our leaders in next year

Some New Year’s wishes:

I wish more people realized what a privilege being American is.

I wish the younger generations would realize the importance of volunteering in our community.

I wish people would give back to our town rather than just take what they can.

I wish for honesty from the politicians down to everyday people.

I wish people would once again learn to accept responsibility for their actions.

I wish the blame game would stop.

I wish we only had to deal with nature's disasters, not ones created by humans.

I wish our “sweet haven” an uneventful 2012.

Maida Piotrowski

Crescent City


Maybe we know more than Solomon about 99 percent

I just finished reading the Dec. 13 article “Occupy DN? It’s not happening,” for the second or third time. I am still a little confused by the article and congressional candidate Norman Solomon’s assumption that we are too dumb to know any better!

The reporter, Emily Jo Cureton interviewed a lot of people, except the Republicans. Scott Feller, Republican Central Committee, is just a few blocks down Third Street, and Gay McWherter, president of Republican Women Federated, is not hard to reach either.

Let’s take a good look at the 99 percent. They started out protesting the “fat cats” on Wall Street, took over a park, destroyed property and jobs in the area, they proved by their own actions that they were too dumb to know why they were there. They allowed the anti-Semitics, the anti-Americans, the drop-outs, and the drug crowd to take over. The unions and George Soros supplied food and money, so they went along with the liberal line, ignoring the real culprit, big government.

 Maybe the people of Del Norte County are just smarter than Mr. Solomon. Smart enough to realize that big government, not big business, has destroyed our jobs. Big government protecting an owl, and the owl is now questionable, to the detriment of the people. Big government deciding where our fishing fleet can fish ... is it a minnow or a weed that is in danger, I don’t remember. Jobs and income would go a long way to improve the county.

I agree that we must work harder to curb the drop-out rate. I personally think that we need to add more vocational training to our curriculum. Nothing builds math skills like using tools. Not all of our kids are college-bound, yet we insist on teaching and spending money only to that end.

Some of our kids think they need to work to help their families, and sadly some have been taught by those families that life is a dead end. We need to address that.

I haven’t noticed Ms. Cureton’s byline before. Perhaps she is new to Del Norte, to which I say welcome.

I just want to say we don’t need to occupy Del Norte to fix it. Police Chief Doug Plack and Sherriff Dean Wilson have done a lot to clean up the drug problem, we need to support them. We need to continue paying attention to our community, going to City Council, Board of Supervisors and Board of Education meetings.

Speaking up, and most important ... exercising our right, and duty to vote.

Virginia Walworth

Crescent City

President-elect, Republican Women Federated

(Editor’s note: The article in question included the views of Sheriff Dean Wilson, founder of the local Tea Party chapter.).