Letters to the Editor Jan. 31, 2012

By Del Norte Triplicate Readers February 01, 2012 06:44 am

Wilson ought to focus on law enforcement, not politics

Having observed the political climate in the last few years and listening to a number of groups, I have begun to have questions about who “they” are and who they think I/we are.

The article in the Triplicate on Jan. 10, Sheriff: “It’s a political position,” left me with a number of questions for “them.”

Sheriff Wilson said he was not fully aware of his duties as sheriff until recently. Really? He seemed sure of the duties when he asked me to vote for him. The duties he described did not include political advisor or political representative.

With the problems we have in our own community, the crime rate, drug problems, budget limitations and cutbacks in departmental services, it would seem to me that it would better serve our community to fix the problems at hand before we have him “branch out.”

Sheriff Wilson said it is now “all about leading the charge against the federal government” and in Yreka he said “we can take back our country.” These are phrases that concern me. Who are we taking our country back from? And after we have done that, what will the people we took it from have?

You see, I know that “these” people he is talking about are Americans. People who have fought and whose fathers, mothers, sisters, brothers and grandparents fought and died to have the country we are so lucky to have.

My brother was in the Navy during the Cuban missile crisis, my son was in the Navy during the Gulf War. Are these the people we must take our country back from because we have different political ideas?

I would hope those wars they fought and died in taught us to protect our way of life and our government and value our freedom to think and believe as we wish and to run for public office without the threat of being seen as an enemy.

Sandra Morrison

Crescent City


Appreciative of Alexander’s honor and sense of right, wrong

Congratulations for electing Jon Alexander as your district attorney. Although we no longer live in the area, we have occasion to conduct business there.

We are personally aware of several institutions which demonstrate what an honorable official he is. In addition to donating many hours helping the community, he makes decisions not on the basis of who can help him politically, but rather on what he believes to be just and proper.

He went way out of his way to help a young girl who was in a dangerous situation. He could have easily turned away and said it was not his responsibility, but he stepped up and it made a huge difference in her life.

Thank you, Mr. Alexander.

Earl and Sasha Upton

Rogue River, Ore.