Letters to the Editor Feb. 21, 2012

By Del Norte Triplicate Readers February 21, 2012 07:26 pm

Why is our governor catering to China at cost of U.S. jobs?

Regarding the Saturday article, “China’s heir-apparent in Calif.,” I don’t understand why our government and our governor cater to the Chinese government by soliciting trade and allowing China to own property on American soil.

Gov. Jerry Brown reportedly met with the future dictator of China so Californians can buy more Chinese-made products.

Isn’t this lopsided exchange contributing to Americans losing jobs? More stuff bought by U.S. consumers is made in China than ever before. I don’t remember buying Chinese-made products when I was younger. I prefer to buy things made in the good old U.S. of A.

Is there fair trade with the Chinese government and its people? I think not! Shame on our government and our governor for contributing to the insidious demise of our economy.

Al Kay

Crescent City


Local garbage issues should not become political footballs

I hope that the six people the Board of Supervisors recently appointed to the Solid Waste Task Force can put the public voice back into the number of issues facing the Del Norte Solid Waste Authority.

It is my hope that all of us can work together for the common good. I know we come from different backgrounds. Some of us are Democrats, Republicans and some are new members of the local Tea Party group. But the issues facing us as members of the task force should not be formed along party lines. Our garbage problem should not become a political football.

As a task force we have some real issues that need to be looked at. Garbage is a complex problem. There is the issue of moving closer to zero-waste. How do we deal with the three Rs, cutting the cost and education? There are three issues I would like to look into: I believe we need to fix the web site of the Solid Waste Authority; decide if landlords should be forced to pay for the people who they rent to; and finally, should we be revisiting the question of waste-to-energy by combustion or by gasification?

I would look at the problem of waste reduction, recycling, aerobic and anaerobic, composting and making energy from the rest of our garbage. Then we would not have to ship our garbage to White City.

If we would do these simple things, I believe the cost of the current garbage rates would go down. We can address these questions if the Task Force would meet soon. It’s time that both the county and city ask the current chair of the Task Force, Clark Moore, to meet.

Richard Miles

Crescent City