Letters to the Editor May 24, 2012

By Del Norte Triplicate Readers May 26, 2012 12:00 am

Recent transplants can bring refreshing approach to county

Following the race for Del Norte County supervisor positions, I find that being a long-time resident of our community and having experience doesn’t mean you’re right for the position. What’s interesting to me is here we have two newcomers to our community and now residents have found in their short time here the many problems that face our county year after year and the years of promises to fix our community just haven’t happened.

Oh, but we have a new sewage plant that cost us twice the price it should have, and we have a new noise ordinance and we did manage to put a band-aid on our road for the last Fourth of July so people visiting wouldn’t see how dilapidated our roads are. And just what will be the final price of our airport?

I am a lifetime resident, born and raised here, who would like to see change that our community may grow and that our children who are graduating have a future to look forward to. Being a lifetime resident and having experience is good, but it’s more than just having made friends here, it’s about the future of our beautiful community.

I don’ personally know Mr. Gitlin or Mr. Gray, but I am hopeful that their outside views and positive approach to our problems will be a benefit to our community that should mean more than just a paycheck and empty promises.

Blaine Curven

Crescent City


It’s imperative that there be change in local leadership

This is a wonderful area and has the potential for prosperity that has been abused by our current narcissistic secular City Council leaders and finds it time for a change to public servants that want more for the people of Crescent City than for their own self-serving egos. After attending a forum where I could see in person the flap-doodle presented by our current office holders, it is imperative there is a change in leadership to the people that want more for this city than for themselves.  

I have been stewing about “private citizen” Kathryn Murray's letter to the editor, (“Current supervisors grasp how local government works,” May 5). Indeed, the Triplicate added in the position of “Mayor,” a totally powerless title, somehow adding prestige to her letter.

It didn’t work.

Crescent City is a dull, grey, colorless town and that is because the Council, including the mayor, bicker and ague on issues that do not create jobs, do not help our community, and only feed a no growth policy championed by Murray.

Her support of all three incumbents running on the Board of Supervisors races is curious. Leslie McNamer is devoid of any ideas, yet she seeks a third term. Martha McClure attacks any candidate who did not attend high school in Del Norte County. How ridiculous! I suspect her support of McNamer is one based on the presumption McNamer will run (and win), then step down in January. And by a miracle of God, the Board will appoint Murray to the unfilled position. Let’s hear McNamer deny she will not serve a full term.  

Roger Gitlin in District I and Bill Gray in District 2 have energy and ideas that I have not seen in Del Norte County in years. My question to the esteemed mayor, is, how did you run for City Council with zero experience on the Council? Murray’s argument is absurd and patently self-serving.

Both Roger and Bill have the qualities and qualifications for the job they are seeking. Qualified because neither is a politician, and the currant progressive liberal politicians are the root cause of our problems. As I see it, the Board’s first responsibility is to serve the people of this county (people is plural) and this county’s needs above all else, both Roger and Bill have the personal integrity and understand the constitutional responsibility to accomplish that end!

Terrill Gray

(not related to Bill Gray)

Crescent City


Let’s try something different than the failing war on drugs

On the front page of the May 19 Del Norte Triplicate I read, “Marijuana providers under fire.” Then I read on page 2 of the May 17 edition, “Tribe showcasing addiction treatment program.”

It takes me a few days to read all the news. I couldn't help thinking that the First Citizens of our area are so advanced in their thinking in the way they approach those who become addicted to drugs. They want to help their people overcome their wrong-thinking ways to once again be good citizens.

The first article advancing the same old intolerance and throw-them-in-jail attitude has not helped the drug problem one bit. There are simply no statistics showing we are winning the war on drugs. Also, it is costing us much of our treasury in the long run.

Let’s try something different and honor those who knew the value of the planet and life. They are both worth saving and honoring by using humane and sensible treatment.

Crystal Griffin

Crescent City


Sheriff’s Siskiyou speeches deserve attention in Del Norte

Regarding the May 22 article, “Sheriff joins call to stop dam removal,” Del Norte County Sheriff Dean Wilson’s travels around the North State stumping for the Tea Party extremists and spewing his right-wing, anti-tribal/anti-Indian speech is clearly newsworthy and the good citizens of Del Norte County certainly deserve to be informed of his activities outside the county.

The Karuk Tribe and our tribal citizens in Siskiyou County have long suffered as a result of right-wing, anti-Tribal, anti-Indian hate speech and fear mongering spewing from the elected officials in this county, and it saddens me greatly to know that Del Norte County and some of its elected officials are now infected by this horrible scourge.

Please continue to cover the activities of Sheriff Wilson in your newspaper, it is the right thing to do.

Leaf G. Hillman

Natural resources director

Karuk Tribe

Happy Camp, Calif.


We know who Alexander is, but not his critics in hiding

I wonder about what it actually means to be truthful. Here in this county, it’s hard to tell from a voter’s point of view who’s lying to us anymore.

All we really have to help us decide is face-to-face talks or public forums.

To the people of Del Norte, we did just that, and voted for Jon Alexander for DA.

I wonder why the people who made these complaints about Jon Alexander are in hiding. Who are they? How come they’re not facing the people of Del Norte ?

We know who Jon Alexander is. He is an ex-meth addict who screwed up, loved his mother, got clean and dedicated his life to fighting the very thing that nearly destroyed him.

He has never hidden from the public.

In fact, he was in our faces, on our streets, newspapers telling us what and who he is from day one.

Who is this person who knew something so personal as a loan that was made between good friends ... not once but twice.

One must wonder about the credibility and ethics of someone who waited until after elections to share this information with anyone.

You would think morals would have moved this person to save the public and county from paying a man they believed was so corrupt.

During a forum that was held at Mary Peacock Elementary during the DA race, Mr. Drossel asked, Do we want someone who could crack under the pressures of the DA office and risk the chance he would go back to drugs?

I’m thinking with everything that’s been alleged about Jon Alexander, people doing more than watching him — the word that comes to my mind is stalking — I think all this has proven to the people of Del Norte he would not relapse and is holding up under pressure just like he said he would.

I personally don’t care who he lends money too. I just don’t care. What we do care about is our city being free of meth, child molesters, rapists, child abusers.

That is the truth.

When are these people, whoever they are, going to get it?

This is not your town, it’s not Jon Alexander’s town. This is the people’s town.

We wanted a better life in our town. We voted for the DA candidate who could do it. That is the truth.

Summer Moore-Clawson

Crescent City


McClure has distinguished herself in service to youths

My daughter has been involved with the Job’s Daughters since she was 5 and from the beginning Martha McClure was there to help her every step of the way.

Most parents are only involved in the extracurricular activities because their child is participating. Martha is different, her daughter aged out a few years ago and Martha is still active.

Martha has dedicated herself to helping these wonderful young ladies become exceptional young women.

Allen Winogradov

Crescent City