Editor's Note: Election Night at triplicate.com

By Richard Wiens, The Triplicate June 07, 2012 12:00 am

Election Night will be different this time. With the Triplicate’s conversion to three days a week last October, we no longer produce a Wednesday newspaper.

That means no deadline drama as we wait for results and wonder if they’ll arrive in time to get them into the next morning’s print edition. No frustration as the minutes tick by with no updates. No sudden rush at the end to plaster the latest numbers and candidate reactions onto the pages.

I’ll miss it.

Those are nights that make newsroom memories. Like 2000 in Spokane, when we waited and waited for Florida to decide the presidential race, never guessing that we’d actually be waiting for weeks to come. Or 1986 in Los Angeles, when someone at the Daily News had the bright idea of putting almost all of the election coverage into a special section that somehow didn’t get inserted into the next morning’s edition.

What I won’t miss is waking up after a long Election Night and realizing that for all that scrambling, there’s still a lot more coverage to provide. Some races may be too close to call, and even the decided races require follow-up stories providing more perspective than we could possibly provide on the fly the night before.

You know, the stories that make a real first attempt at assessing what the election results mean.

This time we’ll move straight to those follow-up stories for the Thursday edition, hopefully with more new material and less of the background that we always had to throw into the Election Night articles.

Will either of the two-person races for Board of Supervisors still be too close to call with some final ballots still to be counted? Will the three-person race have resulted in a November runoff? Will two candidates of the same party have advanced in the congressional contest under the state’s new open primary system?

Stay tuned. And meanwhile, don’t despair of having no coverage from us on Election Night. We’ll be working through the evening, and posting updates at triplicate.com. If you don’t have Internet access, you can call us Wednesday morning. We’ll make sure the folks at the front desk are supplied with the latest results.

Make sure your vote is included in those results. Remember that if you still have a mail ballot in hand, it needs to be physically handed over at this point — either at the Elections Office, 981 H St., or at any of the Del Norte polling places, before 8 p.m.

Do your duty, then fire up your computer. For sheer numbers, go to the county’s new website at elections.co.del-norte.ca.us/. For more details on the results, visit us at triplicate.com.