Pages of History: U.S. Survey Ship to be based here

By Nita Phillips, The Triplicate June 09, 2012 12:00 am

From the pages of the Crescent City American, June 1928.

With the arrival here on Tuesday of Lieut. Herman Odessey and Lieut. A. C. Thorson and their party, in charge of typographic and geodetic survey with the United States Navy, work of charting and sounding the coast waters of the Crescent City Harbor will be started at once.

As soon as the preliminary preparations, now being made in Eureka, have been completed, the U.S. Coast and Geodetic Survey Steamer Discovery, Lieut. F. G. Engle, commanding, will make a complete survey of the Oregon and California coast from a point abreast of Cape Sebastian, in Oregon, and to the southward of Hunter’s Point, in California. The water to the northward of Cape Sebastian, and to the southward of Hunter’s Point, has already been surveyed so upon completion of the project, there will be no gap of unsurveyed area along this portion of the coast.

The last complete survey dates back to about 1870-1875, and since then work has been confined to small areas requiring special surveys. The Discoverer will make a complete survey.

No fishing in potholes!

An improvement of much importance to Crescent City is going on quietly, that of improving Front Street from N Street westward to J Street. A heavy rock fill has been made across Elk Creek, a bulkhead having been made several years ago. State highway trucks are doing the hauling and it is the intention to rock the entire distance to J Street, which will fill in the potholes and give another entrance to Crescent City.

H.W. Webber and H.M. Malpas appeared before the City Council, asking that the city employ an engineer to survey Front and L streets to ascertain the cost of paving L street, and paving and building a retaining wall on Front Street, the object in mind being to put the proposition of paving these two streets before a vote of the people.

Buzzini-Wier places sold

A real estate transaction that involved in the neighborhood of $50,000 was closed on Saturday when Leo Sansiper and H.E. Sorlien of Los Angeles, purchased the Domini Buzzini and the Harry Wier places on Lake Earl, through Glenn Ireland, local Realtor.

Familiar newspaperman lends a helping hand

William C. Binckley, a newspaperman who is known to many of the Crescent City citizens, came down from Grants Pass this week where he had been engaged with the Grants Pass Daily Courier for some time as a special writer for the agricultural development of the Rogue River Valley, and is spending some time in helping out the American this week.  

Mr. Binckley predicts a great future for Crescent City and foresees rapid and substantial development here, and believes that it will not be many years until this city is an important seaport and the terminal for two or more railway lines, reaching north, south and east.

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