Editor's Note: Another tool for the trails

By Richard Wiens, The Triplicate July 04, 2012 05:05 pm

It’s easy to assume everyone knows we live in a hiker’s paradise on the North Coast. Gnarly groves of old-growth redwoods are just minutes away. Stretches of coastal trails merge the forests and the sea. Inland paths unveil even more of the incredible diversity collected here.

When I started writing the periodic Walk Your World columns, I feared I might be stating the obvious: Who does this guy think he is writing introductory stories about these places we’ve been going to for years?

Turns out there were plenty of people who didn’t know, or had forgotten, the basic facts about our plentiful world-class hiking trails. I’ve been amazed how many longtime residents have told me they tried this or that hike only after I wrote about it.

And then there are the newcomers, and the visitors.

If you go to triplicate.com and do a keyword search for “walk your world,” you’ll find most of these columns. A couple of years ago, we decided to gather some of the best in one place, a hiking guide still available at the Triplicate office, visitor centers and other locations. Inside today’s paper is “Series 2” of the guide, 14 more premiere hikes in Northern California and Southern Oregon.

Combine the two and you’ve got a lot of portable information ready for your backpack. Mine has been gathering dust while I edited longer columns into capsules for Series 2 of the guide.

Time to hit the trails.

Out and back to S.F.

Laura and I did our part to help out beleaguered residents of fiery Colorado last weekend by driving to San Francisco to pick up our daughter and 1-year-old grandson. They were looking for a quick escape from the haze lingering over Colorado Springs, and you don’t want to know what the price would’ve been for a last-minute flight to a smaller, closer airport.

So instead we burned up Highway 101 Saturday and Sunday with an overnight stay at the Novato home of some friends.

A couple of consumer notes gleaned from the journey: Do not look for a Walmart in highfalutin Marin County. It’s not to be found, no matter how bad you suddenly need a portable crib. And yes, you can still avoid paying extra for checked luggage by flying Southwest, but walking through the airport we couldn’t help noticing the extremely long line of heavily laden passengers waiting to reach the counter of that airline and only that airline.

Monday morning we were kid-proofing the house on the fly. Welcome to the smoke-free Pacific, Melissa and Aiden. You’re just in time for a dose of small-town Americana.

Look how much we got right

In response to the letter to the editor elsewhere on this page, no, we did not intentionally leave a local venue out of the Crescent City Art Walk advance. Any mistakes and omissions are accidental, thank you.

I don’t think anyone is getting paid to organize the marketing of these events, and the advance information we receive often comes from several different sources. Anyone planning something special should send the information directly to tripnews@triplicate.

com, rather than assume that someone else is taking care of it.

As for the tone of the letter from Paul Critz and the KFUG Facebook insinuations that accompanied it, I pass it off as his calculation that any publicity, even the negative, divisive sort, is good for his fledgling enterprise.

I can’t help thinking that the good-hearted people who volunteer to provide his programming deserve better.