Pages of History: Effort to buy, then close, old cannery

By Nita Phillips, The Triplicate July 09, 2012 09:24 am

From the pages of the Crescent City American, July 1928.

There was an enthusiastic bunch of sportsmen at the City Hall last night at the regular meeting of the Shasta Valley Sportsmen Association, and among the principal matters considered was that of the buying and closing of the Klamath cannery at the mouth of the Klamath River, state sportsmen and the Fish and Game Commission to furnish the money.

The boys went on record as being solidly behind the proposition. The cannery people had been asking a very exorbitant price but of late are more reasonable as condemnation proceedings are being threatened.

Game Warden Lippencott said the Fish and Game Commission is thoroughly in accord with the purchase idea. The legislators are also going to be asked to help as much as possible.

How big was that trout?

Lester Horne, local plumber, and L.A. Abernathy, local electrician, left Tuesday for an outing at the mouth of Rock Creek, a tributary of the South Fork of Smith River. Lester told us, confidentially, that about two months ago he caught a trout about 18 feet, no 18 pounds, no, oh yes, it was 18 inches, now we have it, at that point, and on this trip he is going to land both the grandpapa and grandmama of that fish!

From the Port Orford News

California cars in increasing numbers are now traveling the Roosevelt Highway and with the completion of the construction work on the Redwood Highway south of Crescent City, the tide will naturally swing to this popular route along the Oregon Coast.

Those from California who have traveled through Curry County pronounce the highway and scenery as all that one could ask or demand.

Lee’s of Crescent City

Woolen underwear, 50% Wool Union Suit. Special at $1.95. Come early.

New restaurant opens

Walter Traherne, recently of Los Angeles, has opened a restaurant in the Del Norte Hotel, under the name of The Civic Grill. Traherne is a soldier of fortune, song writer, and ex-newspaperman. He is the author of the song, “On the Rhine,” which was sung all over Germany during the late World War. 

Mr. Traherne is also a first class restaurant man and opened his place to the public on Saturday of last week.

French Hill Mine to open

With more than five miles of ditch and flume completed and practically all the brushing and stump pulling done, C.P. Terwilliger, president of the French Hill Mining and Milling Co., was on his way to the property Wednesday to push the work to a rapid completion so that placering can be started as soon after October first as water is available.

The French Hill placer property was slightly worked a number of years ago, but because of the distance water had to be brought, was worked only in the lower parts. The ditch now under construction will be five miles in length and will be two and one-half feet deep and by five feet wide. Giants and other equipment for mining are now on the ground. At the present time, nine men are employed in the preparatory work.

This property is about three miles from Gasquet, just off the Redwood Highway.

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