Pages of History: From now on, it’ll be called a City Council

By Nita Phillips, The Triplicate August 03, 2012 07:02 pm

From the pages of the Crescent City American, August 1927.

City Clerk G. Fletcher Dodd has just received word that the recent Legislature had changed the name of the governing bodies of cities of the 5th and 6th class and that in the future the body now known as the City Board of Trustees would be known as the City Council.

The chairman of the board will be known as the mayor and the trustees will be known as councilmen.

Crescent City being a city of the sixth class, the above will affect this city and instead of the police officers being called just plain marshals, the man in charge or the head officer will be known as chief of police. The recorder will be known as the police judge. 


To apply for naturalization

The following named persons are to be examined on Friday to see if they can be admitted to naturalization:

John Weigel, Spiridon Ronjon, Domenico Barteggi, Pietro Ferrendo, Petros Yamourides and Manfred Carl Liebisch. 

Judge Riley vacationing

Judge Riley left yesterday on his annual vacation, which will take him to Monkey Creek, Patrick’s Creek, Gasquet and other points of interest.

The judge says that he expects everyone to be good during his absence and that nobody will know that he is out of town except himself and Chief of Police O’Leary. 

Work progressing nicely

Pat Watkins, who has charge of the Webber Construction Company work on the Redwood Highway between Adams Station and Convict Camp, is making good progress on the retaining walls.

Pat says that they plan on being through with their work there on or about the middle of this month. It may be, however, that they will receive a contract for additional work, he said. 

Ed Nelson heard from

The American was pleased to have a letter from our friend and buddy, Ed Nelson, who is at the U.S. Veteran’s hospital at Livermore, Calif.

In his letter Ed said that he felt sorry to think that Ed Huffman did not have any better judgment than to bet on Sharkey, but that if he would persist in losing his money, that he could not help it. He also said that the boys had better get good and busy with their practicing barnyard golf. He said that he would challenge the best ones, only he does not know who they are, but that goes for William Marshall, O.R Griffin, and we can take J.L. Lucas and C.J. Davidson in on that, too.

Ed longs for the cool ocean breezes that are an endowment to Crescent City and says that they are not having any cool weather there. Ed wishes to be remembered to all of his friends. 

Launches fishing boat

Captain Arthur C. Johnson launched his fishing boat Admiral Dewey last week and is making preparations for the fishing season.

He has an able crew of men and states that he is going right after the fish.

Buys shoe store

M.D. Mays last week purchased the shoe shop on 3rd Street belonging to Taylor London and has taken active charge of the work.

Mr. London has accepted a situation as deputy game warden and will work in conjunction with Game Warden Harry S. Prescott. 

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