Pages of History: Crab pots are lost, but then are recovered

By Nita Phillips, The Triplicate August 24, 2012 05:38 pm

From the pages of the Del Norte Triplicate, August 1942.

George Korken, a Crescent City crab fisherman, lost about 20 crab pots along the stretch of coast from the mouth of the Rogue River to Hunter’s Creek during the storm last week, and later was fortunate enough to recover about 15 of them,which had drifted up on the beach.

Crab pots now cost about $20 each to build, and materials are almost impossible to obtain since the war started. 

Horse supplants truck

Wayne Watson says that the Sunset Dairy horse-drawn truck delivery of milk is materially quicker than it was with the auto delivery, according to the Coquille Sentinel.

Where he formerly returned from his rounds at 10 o’clock, he now gets back at 9:15 or sooner. 


Electric ear for observers

Bill Sanders and other employees of the Public Utilities Company have installed a listening device atop Memorial Hall for the use of observers at the new consolidation spotting station.

Tuned to amplify vibrations only of the frequency range emitted by airplane motors and propellers, the listener is a very sensitive mechanical ear which amplifies inaudible sound waves in the selected frequency, and does not pick up ordinary sounds.

The listener’s business consists of a number of trumpet-shaped horns radiating inward to a central resonance chamber, which is connected to an audio frequency amplifier of several stages, actuating a loud-speaking unit inside the observation station. 


Sub sinks fishing boat

Pacific Coast fishermen were warned by the sinking last weekend off the eastern seaboard of a fishing boat, that they are not invulnerable to the war effort by the enemy.

It has long been the opinion of the local fishermen that the enemy would be pleased to have the opportunity to machine-gun American fishing boats, and with submarine activity recently off Pacific shores, the fleet was surprised to escape attack. 


Chief warns public 

Automobile drivers who persist in following fire trucks to fires will be arrested and vigorously prosecuted, stated Fire Chief William Marshall, who added that the law concerning the parking of cars within a block of a fire would also be rigidly enforced.

Marshall said that efforts to control fires were hampered by the crowds that congregate, and he pointed out that it is unnecessary and unpatriotic to use tires and gasoline chasing fires, and impedes the work of the firemen.


Crescent City news

Mr. and Mrs. “Scotty” Jenkins and family, who have been residing in Arcata where Mr. Jenkins has been employed on the airport at Dow Prairie, moved to Crescent City this week and are making their home here, Mr. Jenkins being employed on construction work at the local airport.

Mr. and Mrs. Ted Hoffman and family left last weekend for Gualala, Calif., where Mr. Hoffman will be employed for several weeks with Hobbs, Wall and Company. Upon completion of his employment there, they will return to Crescent City.

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