Pages of History: On high alert for a Chinese opium vessel

By Nita Phillips, The Triplicate September 21, 2012 03:59 pm

From the pages of the Crescent City American, September 1931.

Since word was received recently of the expected appearance of a Chinese vessel on the Pacific Coast in a spectacular attempt to smuggle 125 Chinese and 50,000 cans of opium included in a huge narcotic shipment into this country, government forces along the California, Washington and Oregon coastlines have been eagerly awaiting development of the plot and are stationed at all points prepared to give the smugglers a nice reception wherever they should decide to land their cargo. 

Even the Del Norte County authorities are playing a big part in the investigation and are keeping a nightly watch at coast points, which could be used to advantage as a landing place for the ship. The Coast Guard cutter Cahokia has been stationed in port here for days cruising the seas for miles along the coast and scanning the horizon for a glimpse of the unwelcome merchant ship.

Airplanes too have been enlisted in the observation guard of the coast, forming with land lookouts a veritable trap for the Chinese vessel, Marabella, which was reported sailed from Hong Kong early in August.


Dogwood blooms on mtn.

California has the climate — and no foolin’. Some might say that it is a freak of nature, and probably it is, but nevertheless the dogwood is blooming on Oregon Mountain on the Redwood Highway.

Last Friday there were four trees visible from the highway that carried considerable large white blooms. This is quite out of the ordinary, as the dogwood ordinarily blooms in the spring. It is also true that the Azalea ordinarily blooms in the spring, but last Christmas, and in fact all winter, the azalea blooms could be found scattered all over Del Norte County where the shrubs were protected from the wind and yet got lots of sunlight.


Local news

• Mrs. H.R. McMillian and daughter Donna Mae returned late Saturday evening from a fortnight’s visit in Seattle and nearby points with relatives.

• Talking pictures portraying the wonders of mass production in the Ford plants in Michigan will be shown at the Crescent City garage this evening. An all-day show, in which exhibits of Ford products and other features will be climaxed by the talking pictures, is to be shown in the service department this evening. 

• E.A. Walters, who conducts a novelty shop on H Street, is displaying a beautiful archery bow that he made for the trade. 


Old mariner sets last sail

Captain Smith, old-time resident of this county, pulled anchor this week and set sail for his last port. The old seaman died at the county hospital yesterday morning, a victim of his advancing years. 

Captain Smith, the only name by which he was known here, was born in Placerville on Aug. 6, 1852, being 79 years old at the time of his death.

He has a brother living in Ferndale in Humboldt County, but if there are other relatives they are unknown here. He was with Captain Krone on a steamer plying from this port in years past, and had been connected in some capacity or other with sailing vessels for many years.

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