Pages of History: Duck and dog put on show below H St.

By Nita Phillips, The Triplicate October 08, 2012 07:25 pm

From the pages of the Crescent City American, October of 1927.

A race between a sea duck and a dog on the beach, at the foot of H Street, occurred Sunday morning that attracted more than ordinary attention. The duck had actually been wounded so that it could not fly and had been caught by the dog, who loosened its hold for a second and the duck made its way into the water and straight out to sea with the dog in close pursuit.

When the dog would get close enough to make a grab for the duck, he would lose ground, giving the duck an added few feet. Finally the chase led clear beyond the breakers before the dog gave it up and started for shore, but so exhausted was he from the pursuit of the duck, that it was with difficulty that he made it ashore, and if he had not turned back when he did, it is doubtful whether or not he would have made it. The dog was completely exhausted and had to be pulled from the surf. 

Local news and notes

• Mr. Henry was up from Requa this week, the first time in a number of years. He remarked that Crescent City had grown considerablly since his previous visit.

• Chief of Police and Mrs. A.R. O’Leary returned home Sunday from a two-week vacation into Oregon. Mrs. O’Leary attended the Oregon State Fair at Salem while away.

• Mr. Wm. Strain, now of Red Bluff but formerly a resident of Del Norte County, is here visiting old friends and attending to business matters. Mr. Strain left here in 1899 and for `3 years was Deputy Revenue Collector for this district. Mr. Strain was also a representative in the Assembly for Del Norte County. 

• Oscar Benson was the lucky man to draw the ring at the package sale at Seward’s Jewelry Store last week. We are now wondering, since Jim has the ring, what exactly is he going to do with it? 

Rossini’s new arrival

• Mr. and Mrs. Charles Rossini are rejoicing over the arrival of a fine baby boy, born Sunday, October 2, at the Crescent City Hospital. The young man has been named Charles Jr. 

OUTING on Rogue

Bud Goudy, Tom Gustafson, of this city, and Claude Barton of Grants Pass, returned home Wednesday after having spent two weeks making a trip from Grants Pass to Gold Beach down the Rogue River in a boat.

“They report several harrowing experiences and a wonderful outing trip!”

Old revolver found

Charles Chisman and Tom Stephen found an old cap and ball revolver in the Bald Hills on Sunday while they were there on a deer hunt. This make of gun went out of use some 60 years ago and no doubt has been lying there all these years. 

The gun is badly rusted and filled up with corrosion, the trigger has been rusted away and the cylinder is so badly filled up that it cannot be told whether or not the piece is loaded. 

Start pouring concrete

With the arrival of the steamer South Coast yesterday, carrying a cargo of cement to be used in the construction of the Endert Theatre, work of pouring concrete commenced this morning, just in the nick of time. 

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