Pages of History: Fringe resident keeps getting moved along

By Nita Phillips, The Triplicate October 25, 2012 11:54 pm

From the pages of the Del Norte Triplicate, October 1942.

Charles G. “Punk” Roy says there ain’t no justice. He has been ordered to “move on” again.

He says he began getting pushed around 10 years ago when he was in the second-hand business in Crescent City. The town passed an ordinance against him, relegating him to the city dump. There he thrived for six years, when his presence attracted other settlers, who, when they had built their homes, pulled strings to get Roy moved out again.

So he went two miles out into the brush on Highway 199 and started his business all over again. He thought surely he would be safe from the maddening crowd this time. But recent events prove his popularity is still great. Nice homes have followed “Punk” Roy, pioneer; and his neighbors want to move him out again. Worst of all, they want to move him out with a bulldozer this time. 


Roy complains to the Triplicate that it is useless for him to move, because civilization is certain to follow in his footsteps; and he appeals to the public for surcease from his unwilling role of pioneer. 

Sewing room to reopen

The Red Cross sewing room will reopen Friday, Oct. 9, and will be open on each following Friday. The Auxiliary meeting room, located upstairs in the Memorial Hall, is the place and will open at 10 a.m. and remain open all day.

A large quota of materials has been allocated for use and all persons desiring to contribute their time to this worthy cause are urgently requested to appear at the Memorial Hall. Garments for both civilian and hospital use are to be made. 

Attend Grange at Sixes

Mr. and Mrs. Freddie Flynn, Mrs. Luella Trombley and Tom Page went to Sixes Saturday meeting of the Sixes Grange. Mr. Flynn and Mr. Page took part in the program, singing two songs which were well received. The group enjoyed the occasion very much, as the people at Sixes are very hospitable. They did not enjoy the dim-out drive home late in the evening. 

Gathering up old keys

Wake up America! “Gather up your old keys and other scrap,” says J.M. Hopwood, president, War Materials, Inc. “This war can be lost on the basis of scrap. Chills would go down the backs of 130 million Americans if they knew the seriousness of the situation. If we don’t get the scrap in large quantities and in reasonable time, we will have to shut down or curtail the mills.

“If we don’t get busy, there won’t be plenty of scrap. The enemy will provide it. The enemy will provide it with bombings, and we will be picking pieces of scrap off the streets and out of the bodies of American citizens. We’ve got to wake up.” 

Indian claims upheld

Norman Gorbert, chairman of the Del Norte Indian Welfare Association, revealed today he has received a telegram from the Attorney General’s Office stating the U.S. Court of Claims has decided that the Indians of California are entitled to judgment against the government under the old treaties.

The amount and plan of assistance will be determined after further hearing of the case. 

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