Pages of History: Hatchery is coming to Del Norte

By Nita Phillips, The Triplicate November 08, 2012 12:00 am

From the pages of the Crescent City American, November 1928.

That Del Norte County is to have an egg-taking station and fish hatchery is an assured thing, as far as the Fish and Game Commission is concerned, according to a letter addressed to J.L. Musick of this City, from J.C. Lewis, District Superintendent of the Fish and Game Commission.

The only thing that now remains to be done is to secure a lease on an acceptable site and provide a road to it. This all rests with the citizens of Del Norte. 

Silver Side Salmon run

In the Klamath near Requa at the present time a large run of Silver Side Salmon is in evidence, but the commercial season being closed, no one there seems to be greatly benefitted by it.

As it is, only two salmon a day are allowed to be caught by fishermen. 

Two women lost in forest

Mrs. Ann A Swinnie and Mrs. Alice Weeks had a thrilling experience Sunday night and Monday morning. They say “they were not lost” in the woods behind the Webber Mill on Dead Lake though.

The two ladies had started out early Sunday morning to pick huckleberries and upon arriving at Webber Mill, they found that they had been pretty well picked. They then started deeper into the woods for greener pasture, until at last they were too far into the woods and had gone over too rough a trail to turn back, so they decided to go on out to the sand dunes and the ocean shore near the Point St. George radio station.

The ladies waded through swamp after swamp until it became dark and they could go no further. Fortunately they had matches and were able to start a fire to keep warm and by daylight started out again, almost immediately running into two hunters who were kind enough to help them get home. They weren’t too worse for the wear and yes, they did get some huckleberries. 

A post-election thought

Now that the election is over, let’s all shake hands and make the best of the situation. We couldn’t all win.

Woodmen have hen feed

There is no doubt left as to whether Wm. Muncey is a good cook. Tuesday night the Woodman of the World put on a Mud Hen Stew and radio entertainment for their members.

Mr. Muncey cooked and prepared the feed and everyone present was high in his praise for Mr. Muncey’s culinary ability. 

Terrible Turk wrestles

Hassan Mohammad, known throughout the United States as the “Terrible Turk,” will wrestle a scheduled two-hour match here Saturday night, Nov. 10, with Fred Mortensen, known as the “Terrible Dane,” from Portland, Ore.

Mortensen, it will be remembered, is the man who wrestled Gust Schnideau here on Oct. 20. The “Terrible Turk” is known to be one of, if not the most, scientific wrestlers in the game today. He has increased the attendance at Medford from small to packed houses, under the promotion of Sailor Jack Woods.

This match promises to be one of the best ever witnessed in Del Norte County. 

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