Pages of History: Trouble with roosters? Contain them with jars

By Nita Phillips, The Triplicate November 15, 2012 12:00 am

From pages of the Crescent City American, November of 1931.

Male birds running with the poultry flock will keep eggs fertile, but the fertile eggs will not keep. The hens will lay just as many eggs if there are no male birds running around. Excepting in cases where high-priced male birds have been purchased to use this past season in the flock, it will be cheaper to dispose of all of the male birds than to feed them until the next breeding season. One of the best ways to handle them is to just can them. 

Editor and wife on trip south

Howard F. Griffin, editor and publisher of the Crescent City American, left early Sunday morning in company with Mrs. Griffin for Pasadena, where this week he is attending the state convention of Kiwanis Clubs as the official delegate from the local club. 

While Mr. Griffin is attending the convention, Mrs. Griffin planned to visit her mother, Mrs. Ora Hoffman, and a sister, Mrs. Chas. Musso, the latter whom she has not seen in eleven years, at San Bernardino, a 2½ hours drive from Pasadena. 

New relief system

Perhaps you have noticed the barrels which have been placed in a number of grocery stores and meat markets the past week and have been wondering how the articles which you yourself may have very thoughtfully placed in the barrel for some needy family will be distributed so that it will accomplish the most good. The barrels are labeled “Put a little in the V.F.W. Barrel” and are imposing containers, so that no one can brush by them without dropping a little of something into their hold.

This system of placing barrels for relief of the needy originated this year in the interest of food relief by the national organization of the V.F.W. and inaugurated statewide in California, equally divides the burden of caring for those unable to provide for themselves between the business places and their customers. The merchant is usually made to bear the greater part of the burden and it is partly to remedy this situation that this new idea was put into effect. 

Local news

M.R. Syler will be released from the county jail Saturday, having served a three-month sentence for violation of the prohibition act.

Miss Marcella Moran, a student at the Medford convent, spent the weekend at the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. J.J. Moran.

The market room of McNamara’s Meat Market is receiving a coat of white paint this week by W.J. Newman’s painters. 

Good Samaritan 

M.L. Goodwin, manager of the Hotel Lauff and prominent businessman, gave a practical demonstration of public spiritedness 
last week when, acting upon a desire to aid a worthy cause, he generously offered to relieve the Parent-Teachers Association of the financial burden in providing milk for the undernourished children in the Crescent-Elk elementary school.

When we think of the good Mr. Goodwin’s charitable act is going to accomplish and the health and vigor it will provide for the children who are not receiving the proper nourishment, then we can appreciate Mr. Goodwin’s benevolence. Many are assisting in various ways to care for those who are dependent in the community. 

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