Pages of History: Mild climate good reason to live in DN

By Nita Phillips December 06, 2012 10:19 am

From the pages of the Crescent City American, December 1927.

From all over the United States dispatches are coming through the daily papers of the wintry blasts that are striking the whole country.

Here in Del Norte County we are enjoying comparatively mild weather in comparison with that of even our close neighbors.

Situated as Del Norte County is, we are protected from the storms of winter and the terrific heat of summer and though we have a wind and rainstorm occasionally that is disagreeable, we have much to be thankful for and should be very glad that we live in God’s own chosen country!

Flapperism loses out

In Newport, Ore., a high school strike, started in protest against Mrs. Daisy Helleck, principal, who was accused of being too old-fashioned and wearing long skirts instead of the new modern style flapper clothing, ended today.

The strikers had demanded that a man be named principal. Today they asked to be taken back and requested the principal to help them make up their grades. Twenty-seven out of the 37 who had been taken out of school by their parents returned today. 

Novel sale contest

The Imperial Cash Store, operated by Messers Howe and Hamilton, is having a novel sale which started last Saturday. One of the features of the sale is a guessing contest which will award 25 valuable prizes to the winners.

A big jar filled with corn, beans, and rice stands on a counter. With each dollar’s worth of merchandise purchased two tickets are given which entitles the customer to two guesses at the number of grains of corn in the jar. When the contest closes Saturday night, the nearest 25 guesses to the number of grains of corn in the jar will be awarded the valuable prizes. 

A visit from Alaska

Driving one of the 1,500 cars that are registered at Ketchikan, Alaska, A.C. Kridler, an old-time miner and contractor, arrived in Crescent City last Friday for a three- day visit at the home of his old friends Mr. and Mrs. H.W. Webber. 

Mr. Kridler made a trip here last February and liked Del Norte so well that he returned again this year and this time he shipped his automobile along so that he might see the country better. There are only 13 miles of road in Ketchikan, said Mr. Kridler, and there are 1,500 automobiles registered there. 

Mr. Kridler has succeeded in inducing Mr. Webber to come to Alaska next fall on a hunting trip, when they will pursue the bear and moose that inhabit the north land. Harry is real enthusiastic over the matter of the hunt as he once lived in Alaska and knows the real sport to be had there. 

Dokeys go to Grants Pass

A number of the boys from this city are attending the D.O.K.K. ceremonials at Grants Pass on Tuesday with the Medford drill team and other members of the Knights of Pythias Lodge, from all over the country gathered there for the fun and merry-making. 

Jack Tyler and Lester Horn, from this city, were raw recruits into the order and were taken along with the other local boys to be appropriately initiated.