Pages of History: Coon hunters get lost near Dead Lake

By Nita Phillips January 03, 2013 09:30 am

From the pages of the Crescent City American, January 1927.

On Sunday night, R. Spann, H.L. Hawkins and “Tuffy” Lockwood succeeded in bagging two very fine coons with the dogs belonging to Mr. Spann.

This so encouraged them that a party of 10 proceeded to the woods on Monday night in pursuit of more coon. The party, consisting of seven men and three women, were in the Dead Lake country, which is very brushy and also very swampy.

To make a long story short, they all became twisted up in their directions, so were compelled to remain by a huge campfire until morning. Four members of the party did not arrive in town until about 11 o’clock in the morning. 

Local news in brief

• Mr. Frank Starry, manager of the men’s department of Hobbs, Wall Co. & store, left Wednesday for San Francisco where he will purchase merchandise for his department.

• Earl Schartzen, Geo. Roebuck, and R. Spann made a trip to the ranch of Thos. Peacock of Smith River on New Year’s Day in pursuit of a big cougar. The dogs caught the trail and continued until dark, but were out of hearing of the men who had to return to the ranch. The dogs stayed with it until 11 o’clock the next day before returning home. 

• Si Haight is doing a 15-day stretch in the city jail due to having imbibed too freely of jackass on Wednesday night. 

• Some people predict an early spring. Yes, we have had enough winter already.

Earthquake affects tide

The earthquake that occurred at Calexico Sunday undoubtedly had some effect on the tides running here on Monday.

High tide that occurred at about 11 o’clock came near to slopping over in the back yards along the waterfront in the vicinity of the Travelers Hotel. It is thought by many townspeople that together with a stiff breeze at the time, the disturbance at Calexico had a great deal to do with the high water.

Who said ‘turkey’?

Theodore N. Hansen’s turkey was roasted and fixed fit for a king or queen. The guests were many and while other good things were being gotten in readiness, and to keep his turkeyship from getting overdone, it was set by a window.

Of course the window, which was in the pantry, was closed, and yet when they were ready for the turkey and went to get it the bird was short one leg, one wing and a portion of the breast! 

Have a drink on the ladies!

The Ladies Improvement Club unveiled the new drinking fountain which they had installed at the corner of 2nd and H streets last Thursday.

This is a decided asset to our city and great credit is due the ladies for their improvement. 

He swears by DN shoes

A rancher from Humboldt County came to this city last week to purchase a pair of shoes, stating that he had bought seven pair in his home county and none of them would turn water.

Here he purchased a pair from Huffman’s Smart Shop for Men and received a guarantee that they would do anything that he expected of them.

This proves that Crescent City is up to date in its merchandising. 

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