Obituary: Patricia Mae Wigley (June 11, 1941 – Jan. 2, 2013)

By Submitted January 14, 2013 01:05 pm

Patricia Mae Wigley, Pattie Mae, passed away on January 2, 2013, at the age of 71, in Huntington, Ore., after a hard-fought battle with lung cancer. It started snowing just before she took her last breath. Miss Pattie loved to just sit and watch it snow, what a beautiful way to leave this world. 

She was born June 11, 1941, to Robert Young and Dorothy Dexter Young (Bussard) in Monterey Park, Calif. In 1957, she married Johnnie Darrell Martin, son of John and Genevieve Martin of Gasquet. Johnnie was in the U.S. Navy at the time of their marriage. Upon his discharge, Pattie and Johnnie settled in the Gasquet area, where Johnnie worked in the family logging business. They had three children, Genny (Genevieve), Hank (John Henry) and Theresa, who spent most of their younger years in Crescent City. 

After Johnnie’s tragic death in 1966, Pattie worked the bulb fields by day and stacked veneer lumber by night to support her children those first tough years. Then she found work as a cocktail waitress, and later a bartender, where she was known as Miss Pattie. Through her long career, she was there to listen to other’s woes, their fishing stories and hear about their family events. She was fondly loved by her customers, as witnessed by her children, when they would meet them around town. 

In 1972, Pattie moved her family to Dubois, Wyo., to marry Raymond Doyle. She continued her career while living there. She divorced and returned to Crescent City in 1977 and resumed her career in the local community. 

In 1988, Pattie married Bob Wigley of Crescent City. They would have celebrated their 25th anniversary this year. Bob and Pattie raised their granddaughter, Sylvia Wigley, when Bob’s daughter passed away. Miss Pattie was forced to retire in 2001. She was injured while helping a customer into a cab and had numerous surgeries on her right shoulder. 

In 2004, Pattie and her husband, Bob, moved to Huntington, Ore., to enjoy their retirement years fishing the Snake River, camping and hunting the local hills, and boating on the Snake River. In June of 2012, Pattie and her three children embarked on a road trip to Wyoming. It was her request that she spend some time with her children before she was too ill to enjoy it, a bucket list trip. They visited their old log home in Dubois, Wyo., which is now part of a local museum. Time was taken to visit many dear friends and relive some great memories from their days living in this special place. The family moved on to Yellowstone National Park so Pattie could see Old Faithful blow one more time. It was a trip to remember...and many photos to remind her family of their last road trip with her.

Pattie is survived by her husband, Bob Wigley of Huntington, Ore.; her brothers, Robbie Young (and Char) of Crescent City, and Jack Young (and Carolyn) of Lindsay, Calif.; her children, Genevieve Martin (Steve Sutter) of Orland, Calif., John Henry Martin of Paradise, Calif., and Theresa Brush Garcia (Michael) of Redding, Calif. She is also survived by numerous other relatives, an abundance of beautiful grandchildren and many precious great-grandchildren. 

Pattie had a great sense of humor, was painfully honest, loved to fish, was always up for an adventure, and cooked the best Mexican food. 

A celebration of her life will be held in the spring of 2013 in Crescent City, per her request. It will be a time of family, friends, fishing, Mexican food and a cocktail in her honor. She left with us a legacy, a legacy she lived until her very last matter what life throws at you ... never, ever give up. Thanks Mom ... we love you ... forever, always and no matter what.