Obituary: Westly Wayne Dawson (Sept. 17, 1969 – Dec. 25, 2012)

By Submitted January 22, 2013 10:28 am

Wes passed away Christmas morning. If anyone would like to join us to celebrate his life, we are gathering at the Lake Earl Grange Hall this Saturday, January 26, 2013, at 4 p.m. The address is 6820 Lake Earl Drive in Fort Dick. There will be a potluck. If you are able to bring something, great; if not, just bring yourself. 

His family includes parents Sandra Dompier and Ben Dawson; sister Carla and her husband Rodger Manss of Portland, Ore.; baby sister Shelly/Michele Blaisdell of Crescent City; niece Karla Blaisdell (Anthony); great niece LilLee Ione; nephew Nikolous Blaisdell; brother Brian and his wife Nichole Dawson; nephews Max and Noa Dawson of the Crescent City area; brothers Josh Dawson, Troy and Brett Stone, and Tony Leighto; Wes’s children,

daughter Autumn Dawson and Will, grandchildren Jazmin and Dillin; Son Blaine Dawson and Tiffany and their mother Tobie Dawson, all of Crescent City. Wes was very much loved by his life partner, Dena Scarbrough, and their children, including sons Mike and Mark Scarbrough, grandchildren Mike, Nicole, Mark JR; daughter Michelle Scarbrough and James, grandchildren Ellie, Starlette, James Jr.; daughter Mellissa Scarbrough, grandchild Richard; son David Scarbrough and Brigette, grandchild David Jr.; and daughter Kayla Dawson all of Crescent City; Aunt Sherry, cousins Tracy VanVliet and DJ of Big Springs, Calif.; Jim Pavalacky of Texas; Uncle Greg, cousins Lisa, Cristeen and Bill Ray of Crescent City, and many others. Wes was much loved by all who knew him, and will be missed.