Pages of History: Five & dime store to open in hotel annex

By Nita Phillips March 08, 2013 01:54 pm

From the pages of the Crescent City American, March 1927.

With the arrival of Kenneth McKinsey last week, from Great Falls, Mont., Crescent City is to have another up-to-the minute business establishment in the form of a 5-, 10- and 15-cent cent store.

Mr. McKinsey has taken a five-year lease on a room in the Bay Hotel Annex that was vacated by the Bay Laundry and is spending $1,500 in remodeling. When ready for occupancy, it will be a strictly modern building and will be adorned with an up-to-date, all-glass front.

The stock, according to Mr. McKinsey, will represent a cash outlay of around $7,000 and though stores of this kind are commonly known as 5 and dime stores, articles as high in value as 49 cents will be sold. The store will be open soon. 

Era of good feeling

In an address before the Grants Pass Chamber of Commerce last week, Edgar Keller of Crescent City said that the feeling of cooperation and good will existing between Grants Pass and Crescent City was unparalleled.

Mr. Keller also informed his listeners that real estate was moving fast near the “curved moon” city and that business conditions were very promising. A big tourist trade is looked forward to for the coming summer season. 

He’s a new father

Frank Starry, manager of the gents furnishing department at Hobbs, Wall and Co. is wearing a big smile these days for on last Friday, March 18, he became the father of a fine baby boy, which was named Robert Francis. 

About that story

Crescent City American makes mistake; Whole countryside is aghast. The thrilling story, “Carib Gold,” which was advertised in the issue of March 10 stating that the serial would start March 17, was all a mistake. The story will not start until April 14.

This is one of the best stories that money could procure, in keeping with a weekly publication in a town of 3,000 people. This story is in no way second to the one now running in our paper and our readers can be well assured that this is a thriller from beginning to end.

“Carib Gold” is a tale of pirates in the days of 1768, and was written by none other than Ellery H. Clark, who is famed for his thrilling stories of the sea. Read every installment, don’t miss the first one, starting in the Crescent City American on April 14, 1927.

Officer makes good catch

Traffic Officer Ed Huffman was a fairly busy man last week and took in six offenders of the traffic laws.

Clarence Sargent was hauled before Judge Kamburg at Smith River and drew a fine for driving without lights.

Americo Bolla was fined in Justice Potter’s court on a hit-and-run charge, when on last Thursday evening he struck another car at the intersection of H and Fourth street, and smashed the running board. He drove away without reporting the accident.

Fred Newman was taken into court for driving with only one headlight.

Hanes Chatterson was given a fine for reckless driving, and Carlton Bosch was up on the carpet for driving the High School flivver without a license plate.

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