Obituary: Harold Eugene Kite (Oct. 26, 1937 – March 12, 2013)

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Harold Kite passed away peacefully in his home with family and close friends on March 12, 2013. Born to Frank and Ruby Kite on Oct. 26, 1937, he had one sister, Coleen Kite. All have preceded Harold in death.

After graduation from Wichita High in 1956, he went to work at Boeing Aircraft from 1956-1959. In October, 1959, Harold entered into the Navy. In Memphis, Tennessee, Harold went through one year of grueling schooling for 40 hours a week. After honorable discharge from the Navy in 1964, Harold married his first wife and became father to two girls, Janice Kite born May 16, 1963, and Deborah Kite born Sept. 24, 1965. From 1966-1976 Harold was employed by TRW as an aerospace quality assurance inspector. While at TRW, he spent much time in Florida at Cape Canaveral and Cape Kennedy sending satellites into space.

In 1973 Harold started studying the Bible to find answers to the purpose of life. Through his studies he learned the secret to true peace and happiness, and in 1974 he was baptized as one of Jehovah’s Witnesses. On May 16, 1975, Harold married Cleo Williams, also one of Jehovah’s Witnesses. Cleo had two sons, Bryan Williams born May 16, 1967 and Lonny Williams born Sept. 13, 1972. In 1976 Harold, Cleo and the two boys moved to Crescent City to get out of life in the “fast lane” and to scale down and simplify. Harold went to work in janitorial for a year until he could build his own business.

Kite’s Cabinets opened in 1977 and was used by many contractors to build and install custom oak cabinets, stair railings, hutches, gun cabinets, and much more, in people’s homes and businesses. His work was known to be impeccable.

On May 16, 1988, Harold got the surprise of a lifetime. He became father to his first paternal son, Shawn Kite. In the 1990s, because of health issues, Harold could no longer lift the heavy oak and had to shut the cabinet shop down. He quickly sold the cabinet shop equipment and now Kite’s Cabinets became “Kite’s Bikes.”

Harold was always busy. When he was not in the bike shop, he was out encouraging his neighbors to get to know their Creator and his son Jesus Christ by really looking into the Bible. Even at the very end, he sold bikes from his bedside and spoke about his hope for the future and the true condition of the dead. He knew he would be resurrected to a paradise earth when it is Jehovah’s time (Psalms 37:10,11,29; Ecclesiastes 9:5,10; and Psalms 146:3,4).

Harold accomplished many things during his lifetime and made a good name for himself with both his Creator, friends, family and the community. He stayed faithful to his Creator to the end of his life in this system

Harold’s memorial will be held at the Kingdom Hall of Jehovah’s Witnesses, 1230 Blackwell Ln., Crescent City, on Saturday, March 30, at 2 p.m. While there, enjoy the photos of his life experiences.

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