Coastal Voices: Gun-rights resolution deserving of rejection

By Linda LaMarr April 01, 2013 05:55 pm

Del Norte County, let’s not follow in the footsteps of special interest groups that create a false fear resulting in nothing being accomplished for the good of all!

After reading several articles and letters to the editor of the Triplicate, I sat down in front of my home computer and viewed the Board meeting of Feb. 26.  Next I viewed on CSPAN the current hearings on gun legislation to educate myself further on the national discussion and then I made a personal visit to a local gun store to become informed on what an assault weapon really is. The owner was very forthright and very willing to educate me on the language of gun owners and the variety of guns that are available on the open market.

In response to “What is wrong with affirming gun rights?” (letter of March 19), I ask the question what is wrong with limiting high-capacity magazines, expanding background checks, and having tougher gun-trafficking laws in place? It’s not a creative liberal movement, it’s common-sense legislation designed to enhance safety issues for citizens, not diminish anyone’s constitutional right. 


Post 9/11 it was evident we had to make changes to secure our homeland and further protect our citizens.  Now, after too many mass killings by mentally ill people with access to weapons designed for wars and only meant to take human lives, I feel it is once again time for our legislators to make changes that protect citizens, especially children.

Gun safety regulations do not mean giving up your hand guns, hunting guns or being inconvenienced by registering yourself as a gun owner when you make a purchase.  It’s about being proactive in protecting citizens as much as possible. It won’t stop all the criminals, but we have a responsibility as civilized people to do what we can.

I’m sure the forefathers didn’t have in mind the use of multiple rounds of ammunition, mental illness and mass killings of children when they created the Second Amendment. In my opinion, times change and we as a nation and people have a responsibility to change also. 

It was quite obvious that the Board of Supervisors meeting was a staged event, brought about by a small organized group in our community who felt the need to voice their opinions of being threatened by the loss of their Second Amendment rights, which in my opinion is a fear derived to enable gun manufacturing and sales throughout our country.

It doesn’t seem to matter how many mass killings there are as long as the gun manufacturers can continue to sell guns and make a profit.

Unfortunately, what I observed of the board meeting continues to stir the pot of politics, not only within our own small coastal community, but within this great country. I thought it odd that the resolution was not read at the meeting, so I obtained a copy. I applaud Supervisor Martha McClure for at least doing her “due diligence” to research the court cases cited in the resolution to further explain her decision to abstain.

Additionally, there was no debating at the meeting, this resolution was rubber-stamped by supervisors Gerry Hemmingsen, Mike Sullivan, and David Finigan without any individual comment of why they felt it valid to have such a resolution in place.  The only other one to speak was Supervisor Roger Gitlin, who presented this unoriginal document by simply copying and pasting it with some minor edits from a Siskiyou County resolution and having his support group in the audience at the meeting.

I hope in the future our elected officials will be more willing to table a resolution and at the very least put some knowledge and time into creating a resolution specifically designed for the good of all.  

Linda LaMarr has been a Del Norte County resident for 36 years.