Pages of History: New steamer added to the lumber fleet

By Nita Phillips April 05, 2013 04:58 pm

From the pages of the Crescent City American, April 1927.

A new steamer has been purchased and added to the Hobbs-Wall fleet during the weekend, according to the statement of Ira Thompson, manager of the company.

The newest addition to the company freighters will have a capacity of 400,000 feet of lumber, a beam of 38 feet and a draft of 13 feet and 8 inches. 

The new boat was necessary, Mr. Thompson states, because of the increased tonnage of coast freight that the Hobbs-Wall company will ship in the future. The other boats are the steamers, Crescent City, South Coast, and Westport.

Local news in brief

• William Glover of the Glover Tourist Camp and Service Station near Klamath City has most of its cabins filled at the present moment and will be hard pressed for room when the heavy spring tourist influx really begins.

• Roy A. Ramsay, former Auditor and head Accountant of the C and O Lumber Company, left here Tuesday noon on the stage for his old home in Missouri. Mr. Ramsay was connected with the C and O for over a decade.

Club plans a Wreck

Scheduled for Saturday, April 23, the Société of 40 and 8 will hold an installation at the American Legion hall at Second and G streets. 

At present there are 16 members in the society and a number are to take the oath of allegiance at the Wreck. The Society of 40 and 8 is a branch organization of the American Legion and is properly called “Le Société des 40 Hommes 8 Cheveau,” meaning the society of 40 men and 8 horses, derived from the fact that during the late World War, troops were transported in small French box cars that would carry 40 men or 8 horses. 

They call their initiation a “Wreck,” and if you happened to be involved in one you know why they have so named it.

Two fires Saturday

Early Saturday morning the fire department was called out to a small blaze caused by a defective flue in the residence of Rex Crist on Pacific Avenue. The fire was put out before the firefighters arrived. 

At noon another alarm was turned in for a fire at the Bay Baker. The large oven had become greatly overheated due to the reason that an especially large run of bread was being baked. A connecting wall started to burn but an extinguisher easily put out the slight blaze before the firemen arrived. 

Baseball game Sunday

Sunday the local baseball team defeated the strong midget aggregation in a strong battle at the local Fair diamond. Up to the eighth inning, the city nine held a 2-0 lead, but owing to some errors in that inning by the city players the official count was evened at 2 all. 

Jenkins, pitching for the city team, held their opponents scoreless until they were too weakened and allowed the city to score and win the game.

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