Pages of History: Excitement building for yearly race

By Nita Phillips April 26, 2013 05:56 pm

From the pages of the Crescent City American, April 1928.

Interest in this year’s Redwood Empire Indian Marathon race has been quickened in the interior counties by the announcement that Mad Bull from Josephine County, Ore., winner of last year’s race, will again start in the 480-mile grind from San Francisco to Grants Pass on June 14.

A “dark horse” from Crescent City looms on the horizon this year as a runner in the race and indications are now that the county will have at least two and possibly three runners to start. Nothing definite is being given out regarding the mysterious entry, but it has been quietly rumored that he will be booked for the race at an early date. 

With these two runners certain to start this year’s race, this event should even eclipse in interest the 1927 event, as the American Indian will be forced to test his stamina against other native people from Australia, South Africa, New Zealand and Canada, who have signified their intention of entering. 

Plans for Memorial Hall

When the Board of Supervisors met for its April session at the courthouse on Monday, April 9, it was confronted by contractors Chester Cutting and Milton Neilson, regarding the plans for the new Memorial Hall which is to be built at the corner of 8th and H streets. The matter was held over until Tuesday when it was gone into thoroughly. 

Mr. Cutting pointed out to the Board that the plans for the new building were not definite enough in what materials were to be used, and if a contractor was to bid on such a building in an intelligent manner, he must have all the specifications. 

Contractor Hansen has pointed out omissions that had been made in the plans and the board has written the architect, Jens Peterson, asking that the plans be made aright and returned to them by the end of this month. 

Adventurers arrested

William Ward, 19 years old, of Bakersfield, Bert Metzler, 15 years old, of Bellingham, Wash., and Clifford Franklin, 15 years old, of Oilville, Calif., were arrested by Gold Beach authorities on Tuesday and held for Sheriff Breen of this county. The boys were on an adventure tour of the Great Pacific Northwest in an old Ford car, and on Monday they stole a generator from the car of Alvia McKay of Fort Dick. 

Tuesday, Sheriff Breen, Undersheriff Ray Black and Mr. McKay drove to Gold Beach and returned with the boys. Ward will be sent to his home, he owning the car, and Franklin will be sent to his home, while Metzler will probably get employment and remain here. 

Local news in brief

Traffic officer, Ed Huffman, has been confined to his home since Saturday with a discommoded knee. Ed was laid up with this member for a period of six months some years ago. The knee is badly swollen and is very painful. Dr. E.M. Fine is attending him. 

The fine boat being built by Harry Van Pelt near Hobbs, Wall and Company’s wharf is receiving the finishing touches and will probably be launched on May 1. Mr. Van Pelt has proven that the best of seagoing fishing boats can be built here as there is an abundance of high-grade timber. 

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