Pages of History: Even the guilty appreciate the warden’s work

By Nita Phillips May 31, 2013 04:51 pm

From the pages of the Crescent City American, May 1932.

If you don’t think fishing is good in Del Norte County streams, especially in Jones Creek, just ask Cleo Clark, Jim Barry, or Howard Griffin. These men know where the fish are and how to catch them. 

Last Sunday, Clark, Barry and Griffin hied themselves forth at 3 a.m. for a nice fishing trip up Jones Creek, but when they returned to the mouth of the creek at about 4 p.m., Game Warden Jack Hurley was awaiting there, and upon a count of the number of fish each fisherman had in his basket, it was found that Clark had 49, Barry had 29, and Griffin had 38.

The men found out right then, if they had never known it before, that the limit of fish in the state of California is 25 fish in any one day, or 10 pounds and one fish. 

Game Warden Hurley confiscated the fish and baskets. He also placed the gentlemen fishermen under arrest and cited them to appear before Justice of the Peace Frank P. Frame on Monday morning. When they appeared, the judge said very solemnly, upon their plea of guilty as charged, said: Twenty-five dollars fine. The fines were paid and the baskets returned to the game hogs.

Practically everyone in the city is having a good laugh, and virtually gloating over the fact that the men were caught with more than the limit of fish. There seems to be no good reason why people in general are so glad over the fact, but just seem to be glad on general principal.

We would like to say, however, being that the writer of this story was one of the fishermen caught, that Game Warden Hurley is one of the finest fellows one will ever meet, and he has the admiration of all three of the men caught for violation of the game laws Sunday. 

Peddler gives to hospital

C.J. Tucker, Sacramento, got goodhearted Saturday and donated 12 boxes of oranges to the county hospital. He did not do this however, until he was persuaded by County Agricultural Commissioner Max J. Leonard.

The fruit in question was frostbitten, but this could only be detected by an expert. Tucker was attempting to peddle the fruit to unsuspecting housewives.

Triangle plot beautified

Under the auspices of the Del Norte Improvement Club, the triangle plot of ground at the south entrance of this city is being set to shrubs, bulb plants, flowers and trees, and already the plot is most beautiful to behold.

The work is being done by Theodore Froelic, and Mrs. Froelic is standing guard over the work to see that it is being done properly (and you can just bet that it is being done properly), for Mrs. Froelic has an eye for beauty and it has ever been her dream that this place be made beautiful.

The ladies of the Improvement Club are to be congratulated upon their progressive spirit and they are also to be congratulated upon having such a woman as Mrs. Froelic as a member of the club. 

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