Navy ship to survey local waters

By Nita Phillips June 13, 2013 04:28 pm

From the pages of the Crescent City American, June 1928.

With the arrival here on Tuesday of Lt. Herman Odessey and Lt. A.C. Thorson and their party, in charge of typographic and geodetic survey work with the U.S. Navy, work of charting and sounding the coastal waters of the Crescent City Harbor will be started at once.

As soon as preliminary preparations, now being made at Eureka, have been completed, the U.S. Coast and Geodetic Survey Steamer, Discoverer, Lt. Commander F.G. Engle commanding, will make a complete survey of the California and Oregon coast from a point abreast of Cape Sebastian to the point southward of Hunter’s Point, so that upon the completion of the project now under way, there will be no gap of unsurveyed area along this portion of the coast.

The last complete survey dates back to about 1870–1875 and since then work has been confined to small areas requiring special surveys.

New light plant

Another proof of the continued growth of Crescent City is found in the fact that the electric light plant operated by Hobbs, Wall and Company, which has supplied the light and power for this city for many years, has proven inadequate and must be replaced.

Plans have been drawn, the site selected, orders placed for new equipment and the construction of the new building will commence at once. Already the company has had a spur track built to the rear of the mill to handle the material and the machinery as soon as it is unloaded from the boats.

The enlargement of the electric light and power plant has been brought about by the extension of lighting facilities to outlying districts, the supplying of lights and power to the Hotel Lauff and the new Endert Theatre, which will soon open.

In addition to the ordinary needs of the city for light and power, service is supplied to the lighthouse at Battery Point and to the Point St. George radio station. 

Local team beats Gold Beach

The local Chevrolet ball team had an easy victory over Gold Beach with the final tally of 1 to 18. Roy Deo states that the Chivvies played exceptional ball, but that the Gold Beach boys were dangerous at all times. He admitted that the breaks were a little with his team and their lucky streak was phenomenal.

The game was on the regular team schedule inasmuch as the Redwood Giants have disbanded in favor of the Gold Beach team. The Chivvies standing up to date is one thousand percent and Deo casually remarked that it would probably not be lowered anytime soon. Many of the local rooters were at Gold Beach to witness the game and all report a very courteous welcome on the part of the Oregonians. 

Some tall oats

Lawrence Myer, living on H street in Lauff addition, brought a single stool of oats to the American office Tuesday evening that stands 7½ feet tall. There are eight stalks in the stool and the whole thing is a mat of grain for three feet down from the top.

The oats grew in Mr. Myer’s backyard from seed that was covered up last winter when Mr. Myer fed some livestock there. 

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