Pages of History: Telephone girls headed to Ore. for their picnic

By Nita Phillips June 22, 2013 01:28 pm


From the pages of the Crescent City American, June 1930.

Invitations have been sent out by the West Coast Telephone Company from the district headquarters at Marshfield, Ore., to the telephone operators of the district, which includes all of Coos and Curry counties in Oregon and Crescent City and Smith River in Del Norte County, for the telephone operators’ picnic, which will be held this year at Bandon-by-the-Sea.

The local telephone girls are very much enthused over the coming event, and it is thought that as many as possible will be in attendance. The picnic is a yearly affair, sponsored by the telephone company officials for their operators to enable them to get together for a day of sport and pleasure. 

Population of Del Norte 

Final reports on the population of Del Norte County have been submitted by the supervisor of the census, James F. Olmsted, of Petaluma, who gives the tabulated report as follows:

Crescent township, including Crescent City, 3,521; Klamath township 663; and Smith River township 550; making a total of 4,734 people for the entire county.

Crescent township shows that there are more people living just outside the city limits than there are living in the city. 

The figures for Crescent City are 1,715, and the township at large shows 3,521, making 1,806 people residing outside the city limits.

The census report shows a gain in population of more than double over the past decade. 


Grants Pass boost for fair

The following is taken from the Grants Pass Daily Courier: “Brilliant yellow pigs are being circulated in northern California and southern Oregon, with a command printed on the glue side. “Grunt for the fifth annual land and naval celebration and Del Norte County fair, July 3, 4, 5 and 6, Crescent City, Del Norte County, California.” And that tells the story! 

Council will build float

The City Council voted to expend $250 on building a float alongside the Crescent City Wharf and Dock Company’s dock, so that the fishermen now plying in and out of the port can land their catch easily.

The dock will also be in use for all who use the bay and have to land in small boats. In the past, it has been necessary for all who landed in small boats to climb to and from their boats onto a steep ladder suspended alongside the dock. 

Stamp mill in operation

A Mr. Williams, an old mining man, has a stamp mill in operation at the Ora Anna quartz mine on Bald Hills, about 10 miles east of Crescent City. This free milling proposition was discovered and worked many years ago by an arastra process, but considerable water seepage had to be contended with, and various parties worked it with little success. 

Samples of the quartz found in this locality show gold plainly, and Mr. Williams is positive that with the stamp mill and plenty of water, he will have a paying proposition. 

Houses to be numbered

The Chamber of Commerce recently met and voted on having all businesses and residences numbered in the city as it was felt that this was a vital need from not only an economic standpoint, but would also be a big help to the public in finding its way around the city. 

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