Obituary: Eva Marjorie Goodgame (March 3, 1928 – June 23, 2013)

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Eva Marjorie Jensen Goodgame
Eva Marjorie Jensen Goodgame
Eva Marjorie Jensen Goodgame was born March 3, 1928, in Fresno, Calif. She lived in Crescent City since 1959 and died at home in her garden on Sunday, June 23, 2013, from a pointine hemorrhagic stroke. 

Her brother, John, was born in 1930. Eva’s mother, Sarah, was the family “bread-winner,” a meter-reader for P.G.E. She was able to keep Eva and John in the S.D.A. Church school, Fresno Academy (high school) and Eva in Pacific Union College for three years. John joined the military. Sarah led a simple, frugal life. She invested her wages in the children’s education, and they also worked to help Sarah.

Eva’s first “contact” with Lou, her future husband, was in the college dining hall. She saw him and asked, “Who’s that guy?” A girl answered, “That’s Lou Goodgame, just out of the Army.” 

“Goodgame?” Eva retorted, “what a silly name!” 

Lou’s first contact was more romantic. Some girls walked by and Lou asked, “Who’s that girl in the pink dress?” 

“That’s Eva Jensen,” his friend replied. 

“Man,” Lou stated, “she’s beautiful.” Later, he phoned Eva for a date. Her brief answer: “Sorry, I have to study.” 

Lou went to the college program, but Eva was absent. A week later, Lou phoned Eva, with the same results. Lou wondered, “Maybe Eva studies all the time and keeps her brain matching her beauty.” But, he hoped a third phone call would persuade Eva to get out of books once in a while. Eva, feeling Lou had given up, also hoped for another call. It came, she grabbed the phone, interrupted his plea and said “YES!” to their first date. Later, Eva had a “Yes” to go steady, and finally a “Yes” to be Lou’s wife.

Back then, the custom was using a wrist-watch to replace an engagement ring. Lou took two watches, and let Eva select the one she would proudly wear on her left wrist. She was impressed with his thoughtfulness, and plans were made for the wedding. On June 19, 1949, in Fresno, an evening ceremony took place in the house garden of a doctor. But it was a nervous situation. The bride delayed coming in, and sounds of crying erupted. Unbeknownst to the guests, the tiny flower girl was too scared to walk in alone. Finally her mother led the sobbing girl in and helped cast the flower petals.

“God blessed our marriage” with five wonderful children, which Lou had the joy of naming: David born April 25, 1950; Mary, Sept. 21, 1955; Ruth (Elly), July 10, 1957; John, Jan. 22, 1960; and Rachel, Jan. 29, 1968. Eva was married 64 years and had nine grandchildren, and three great-grandchildren. In 1952, they began their teaching careers in Susanville, Calif. Eva taught grades 1–6; Lou was principal and taught grades 7–10. Eva also completed her BA in education at Fresno State College, and her MA at Loma Linda University in Public Health. Eva’s brain more than matched her beauty. God gave Lou a wonderful wife for 64 years and great children. He has no complaints, just praise for his Heavenly Father.

A memorial for Eva will be held on July 6, 2013, at 4 p.m. in the Crescent City S.D.A. Church, 1770 Northcrest Drive.

In lieu of flowers, and since Eva was an elementary school teacher, the family is asking for donations to the Crescent City S.D.A. Church School, P.O. Box 1905, Crescent City, CA 95531, 464-2738.

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