By Submitted July 24, 2013 04:14 pm

Cleanup gratitude

I want to express my gratitude and admiration to the volunteers who participated in the cleanup of the Del Norte County-owned property contiguous to Walmart, June 30 and July 6.

The parcel has been completely cleaned up. Chuck and Felisa Snowden, you have raised the type of boys parents envy. Both are exemplary.

The 17-year-old identical twins and Life Scouts Chris and Derek Snowden, along with Ian Meriedth, 13, and Del Norte High seniors Manuel Savaadrea and Matthew Pimentel, removed an amount of garbage, trash and blight one can only imagine from the 3½-acre property.

I also want to recognize volunteers, including: Amanda Edmonds, Code Enforcement Officer Dave Mason, and Solid Waste Director Kevin Hendrick, for taking a major part of their Sunday (June 30) and Saturday (July 6) to help beautify Del Norte County. 

Volunteers from Our Daily Bread Ministries helped  finish the job so all of us can appreciate our community a bit more.

Congratulations, ladies and gents. You are truly Del Norte County heroes.

Supervisor Roger Gitlin, Crescent City

Pastels in the Park

The vans of Gateway’s summer camp have begun to roll, but before they get too far down the road some acknowledgements must be made. 

The new location for Pastels in the Park is still a work in progress and with the help of Centnar Construction we expect to have it detailed and finished to the city’s satisfaction before the rains. But for the Fourth, the venue was superb. It raised more camp scholarships than all previous years and with the inclusion of the Hmong community, was the most diverse palette of artists we’ve ever had. 

There were abstracts, culturals, superheros, historical perspectives, movie characters, sunsets, oceanscapes, lighthouses, aquatic life and creatures of fantasy. 

Many of the artists were put off by the roughness of the medium at first but got into it when they realized it would absorb the pastel paint. The special medium was Patchcrete, of which $3,000 was donated by Lyons Manufacturing in Texas. This is the original medium that was on the sidewalks before they were removed in 2011. 

We would also like to acknowledge Alex Campbell and The Home Depot for the generous donation of materials and all the volunteers who made a new surface available: Tom Carr, Harvey Smithson, Alias Smith, Jason Gill, Sid Vicious, Kyle Freeman, Doug Baldwin and Kirsten Randrup. The lion’s share of the credit goes to City Engineer Eric Wier and his partner in the office, “CAD Master” Kevin. It took a year and six-plus meetings to figure out what could be done and where the event needed to go — and it was worth it!

Ron Cole, Crescent City