Boy Scout Tree largest found so far

By Nita Phillips July 26, 2013 04:43 pm

From the pages of the Crescent City American, July 1931.

The redwood tree in Elk Valley, known as the Boy Scout Tree, is the largest yet discovered according to Fred Patterson, the man who makes Patterson’s pictures of the redwoods.

Mr. Patterson made a trip here this week from Santa Rosa, where he now resides, to take the measurements of the tree and found it to be 31 feet in diameter. It is larger than the General Sherman tree in the Mariposa group, the big tree in Bull Creek Flat in Humboldt County, or any tree yet discovered.

The big tree is 87 feet in circumference, it being of oval shape, and was probably at one time two separate trees. The trees have merged and grown together until they reach a height of 250 feet above the ground.

Mr. Patterson has searched for a long time to find the largest tree and was much delighted to find it in Del Norte County.

Oh, girls, the fleet’s in!

Uncle Sam’s U.S. Navy arrived in port yesterday and was greeted by a boarding party that piloted the two destroyers into the harbor, and as a consequence of the arrival of the two ships the city is full of fine, manly-looking, clean-cut sailors!

There are lots of pretty girls in Crescent City and plenty of amusements for all who care to be entertained so. 

Coming to preach

Rolf, 17-year-old son of Aimee Semple McPherson, who is with an evangelistic party touring the northern part of California, is scheduled to arrive in Crescent City the beginning of the next week and will deliver a sermon at the Veteran’s Hall that evening.

Young McPherson, it would appear, is following in the footsteps of his mother, Aimee Semple McPherson, of Angelus Temple fame, and who has probably gained more publicity than any other evangelist in recent years.

The appearance of young Mr. McPherson here is through the efforts of the local Foursquare Gospel people, who are now conducting meetings in a tent at the corner of Third and I streets. 

Hand injured in wringer

Mrs. Gus Cardon unfortunately caught her hand in an electric wringer Tuesday, July 8, and besides being badly crushed and bruised, practically all of the flesh was torn away from the hand. Becoming excited, Mrs. Cardon failed to release her hand by the automatic release, and tore her hand loose, hurting it badly. Several stitches were taken.

In Auld Lang Syne

A backwards glance at Del Norte’s old newspapers:

July 15, 1892 — Prof. F. A. Weeman has been engaged to act as principal of Del Norte County High School for another year, with Miss Kate L. Cooper as assistant, Prof. Seaman with his able corps of teachers will conduct the grammar school in this city. Prof. D.W. Finch will act as principal of the school in Bradford district. Miss Tillie Hendershot will be the teacher in Rowdy Creek school, Miss Letty McVay of the Mountain school, Miss Laura Volander of the Rowdy school, Mr. G.G. Roy in Ocean district and Miss Birdie Lipowitz in the Elk Valley school. 

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