Pages of History: Dog saves man from angry boar

By Nita Phillips August 15, 2013 04:04 pm

From the pages of the Crescent City American, August 1931.

J. H. Wolgamott, who lives on Alder Road in Elk Valley, is thanking a faithful dog for saving his life Monday when he was attacked by a large boar he was feeding. 

Mr. Wolgamott had gone to the pen to feed the hog, which is 7 years old and has become very vicious, and noting that the hog was in a fighting mood he set down the slop pail to get a stick with which to defend himself. The instant Mr. Wolgamott’s eyes left the hog, the mad animal made a run for him, and in attempting to sidestep its rush Mr. Wolgamott tripped and the hog was upon him. Had it not been for the timely assistance of his faithful dog, he would probably have been torn to pieces. As it is, Mr. Wolgamott is nursing a bad wound on his left hand as a result of having been bitten by the hog. No report on the hog’s condition. 

Plane cracks up on beach 

Hemstreet and Bell, contractors from Sacramento, arrived at Crescent City’s landing field yesterday on the beach in front of town. When they attempted to land, the plane struck the chutes erected where the fireworks display was given the night of July 4th and damaged the plane somewhat.

It is reported that these gentlemen did not appreciated the chutes being left on the beach.

Local News

Don’t let anyone take your measurements but a tailor, Sid Clark, opposite Stage Depot.

Marie Long has arrived from Bandon, Ore., and assumed her new duties as chief operator for the local telephone exchange. She is making her home for the present with Mr. and Mrs. Ray Bates.

Smith River News

The Smith River 4-H Club boys and girls, with their leader, Clarence Westbrook, entertained the Senior 4-H Club girls of the clothing club at a delightful picnic several miles up the Smith River Thursday evening at the Van Deventer swimming hole. The young folks enjoyed a swim in the river the early part of the evening, and later all gathered around a long table where refreshments of buns, wieners, salad and lemonade were served. Afterwards, all gathered around a bonfire on the river bar where various games were enjoyed for several hours by the 28 young people present. Among the older folks present were Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Cadra, Mr. and Mrs. Will Morrison, Bennie Ham, Mrs. Alf Goodlin and Clarence Hight.  

Firemen run concession

An agreement between the fair association committee and a committee from the Crescent City Fire Department was reached Wednesday when the firemen decided to handle the merry-go-round concession during the fair this year, to be held on August 21, 22 and 23.

Cheese factory here?

John R. Reeber, manager of the Malin, Ore., cheese factory, and Mrs. Reeber were guests at the C.M. Churchill home this week, leaving on Wednesday to return to their home near Klamath Falls, Ore. Mr. Reeber, who is part owner of the Bandon, Ore., cheese company, was here investigating the possibility of establishing a cheese factory in the valley. He stated that the prospects looked very good, but was unable to give out any information at the present time.

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